Touch and Gesture

Touch and Gesture Technologies

Touch and Gesture interaction are emerging as the preferred way to access and manipulate data sets.  Hand-held consumer touch screens in phones and mp3/video players have led to demand for larger systems with similar capabilities.  Mechdyne offers a range of touch and gesture technologies that can be integrated with 2D immersive 3D environments, projected, and direct view displays.


Touch with a single finger to open a file.  Touch and swipe with two or more fingers to expand an image or more.  Involve single or multiple users.  The possibilities for utilizing these interaction techniques are only beginning to scratch the surface.  Mechdyne has enabled discovery in a wide range of industries with touch displays including:

  • LCD and plasma displays 
  • Large screen walls 
  • Touch tables 

Mechdyne has experience with a wide variety of touch technologies, including pressure sensitive to camera-based devices, wired or wireless, existing or new displays.  We will work with you to develop the best solution for your application. Mechdyne can custom program a turn key touch display with a simple-to-use graphic interface that will invite and engage users.  

See examples of touch interaction at Sandia National Labs, the University of Iowa, University of Birmingham, Iowa Hall of Pride, and CERDEC in our portfolio section.


Control objects and move them using simple hand and body gestures.  Cameras monitor and track movement, and convert motion into on-screen action.  Control multi-media content, access information, or manipulate objects simply and intuitively.  Gesture control can be applied to display tables, large scale wall displays, and 3D immersive environments.  Public spaces, trade events, and corporate and tourist centers are ideal locations for this easily accessible and usable technology.  Mechdyne can provide a turn key installation designed and programmed for your applications.