3D Visualization & Virtual Reality Systems

CAVE2 Sunshine University immersive environments

Between the recent rise in Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) and the excitement around futuristic capabilities, organizations are turning more and more to virtual reality to solve business challenges. However, immersive 3D visualization has been shaping the way forward-looking organizations function since Mechdyne first began delivering virtual reality systems two decades ago. Although HMDs such as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift have become more prominent in the recent public spotlight, industries have taken advantage of virtual reality for many years and in all sorts of forms, such as wearable, desktop, and fully immersive rooms.

Through partnerships with Mechdyne, businesses and organizations harness the power of virtual reality and immersive visualization to gather and recognize insights, improve decision-making, enhance the quality of their discoveries, and augment problem solving.  In addition to HMDs, full scale solutions have included:

Mechdyne's Foundation is Built on Virtual Reality (VR)

Renault Modeling and Simulation

Mechdyne built its early reputation and foundation in the virtual reality (VR) and 3D visualization niche. In the wake of the first VR wave in the early '90s, organizations began looking for innovative ways to interact with virtual worlds through simulation and collaboration. At the forefront of this technological wave, Mechdyne's founders led the visualization revolution to become the recognized leader and leading innovator of large-scale and complex VR systems, developing dozens of visualization, 3D, and VR world firsts:

  • PC-based CAVEs
  • Large-scale, reconfigurable visualization system called the FLEX and variations, including a portable version and T-FLEX
  • 6-sided CAVE in the US and 4K 6-sided CAVE  in the Middle East

  • Public display of stereoscopic DLP® projection technology at Supercomputing

  • Durable projection surface for immersive room floors, color matched to wall screens

  • Rear-projected, curved-screen theater display called the CURV

  • 5-sided SuperCAVE projection-cube system and 5-sided commercial CAVE

  • Small Form Factor CAVE  to reduce footprint requirements while maintaining high-resolution and brightness

Virtual Reality & 3D Solves Organizations' Toughest Challenges

Virtual Reality Delivers Insights

Wichita State University Visualization

Immersive visualization is an essential tool for discovery and insight unable to be realized in 2D or desktop applications. Organizations work within virtual or immersive environments to gather insight without the need to test in real life. Architects modify floor layouts, designers change a product component, and military personnel train in dangerous situations, all in a safe, virtual, and cost-effective environment. Large-scale visualization environments enable full, one-to-one scale interaction critical in many applications.

VR Improves and Enhances Data Interaction and Visualization

VR and 3D are easy-to-use and meaningful tools that allow users to interact with their data; users find outliers, uncover trends or interesting data clusters, and dive into fast-changing datasets to provide real value. Organizations improve functionality and enhance the quality of their products, training techniques, and situational preparedness.

VR Enables Large Group Collaboration and Discovery

Today, the workforce collaborates extensively across departments to accomplish strategic projects and day-to-day tasks. Total immersion through VR allows teams to perceive patterns, results, and implications in their data or content.

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