new audiovisual technology from MechdyneHistory & Timeline of Mechdyne Corporation

Mechdyne Today

  • We've grown to become the world's premier provider of advanced audiovisual and information technologies (AV/IT), software, and service while providing clients around the globe with hardware and software solutions that creatively and thoroughly meet their needs - delivering it all with an unsurpassed reputation for high-level customer service. 


  • Mechdyne acquires ABS Associates, Inc., adding IT services to their offerings


  • Mechdyne creates teleGraphix (TGX)™ technology, bringing the power of graphically intensive applications to the remote worker.


  • Mechdyne licenses the CAVE2 hybrid reality environment from Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) at the University of Illinois at Chicago. This technology provides a near-seamless, 320-degree, panoramic 2D/3D viewing experience with a resolution and clarity that matches human visual acuity.

  • Mechdyne joins the research collaborative Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM), installing a 3D visualization lab to support research projects for CCAM members.


  • Mechdyne Corporation expands its Middle East presence by opening a Middle East office in Abu Dhabi.

  • Mechdyne develops FUSE technology, providing organizations a comprehensive operational picture for asset tracking, situational awareness, and real-time decision making.


  • Mechdyne creates Meeting Canvas™ technology, an AV/IT based solution that simplifies and enhances the collaboration experience.

  • Mechdyne creates getReal3D™ for Unity, a plug-in that makes the Unity game engine compatible with virtual reality equipment for more realistic training and simulation scenarios.

  • Mechdyne creates getReal3D™ for Autodesk® Showcase®, a plug-in that allows Showcase® users to experience and demonstrate their designs in an immersive, real-time experience.


  • Mechdyne's CAVE technology is featured on an episode of Sci Fi Science: Physics of the Impossible on the Discovery Science Channel.

  • Mechdyne Corporation expands its design and consulting services to include complete low voltage systems for technology building infrastructure.

  • Mechdyne develops Connection Portal™, a web-based interface that allows everyone in an organization to access computer assets from anywhere, anytime; quickly, easily, and securely.


  • Mechdyne Corporation installs world's most advanced visualization technologies at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, establishing Mechdyne's presence in the Middle East.


  • Mechdyne develops GEC20™ for military organizations, providing an informative and intuitive visualization environment to assist the network-enabled warfighter in all phases of mission activities.


  • Mechdyne acquires VRCO Inc., developer of interactive 3D visualization software that continues to power the company's software division.


  • Mechdyne acquires Fakespace Systems, bringing together the world's two most prominent players in the global marketplace for immersive audio visual display systems.


  • Fakespace Systems develop Conduit technology, allowing users to move instantly from the desktop to a virtual or high resolution digital prototyping environment with no data conversion and no resolution-scaling limits.


  • Fakespace Inc., and Pyramid Systems merge, forming Fakespace Systems.


  • Mechdyne builds the first PC-based CAVE for the Industrial Technology Research Institute, and follows with another system for the National Museum of Marine Biology, both in Taiwan.


  • Mechdyne is founded by Iowa State University graduate Dr. Chris Clover to provide engineering consulting services. Working with then grad students, James Gruening and Kurt Hoffmeister, they discovered how to power new immersive visualization hardware and software technology with a desktop PC, rather than the million-dollar supercomputers of the previous decade.

  • Mechdyne switched focus from consulting, to providing advanced immersive technology that was more accessible and affordable for a wide range of businesses, universities, and organizations.


  • Fakespace Inc., and Pyramid Systems are founded, pioneering development in immersive visualization and virtual reality technologies for research and commercial markets.