Why Choose Mechdyne?

Because no one does broad-based technology better.

We lead the virtual reality systems revolution with our technology systems, and our reputation. We've provided custom software development and integration services to some of the top organizations in the world.


We are relentless about researching and developing better ways to solve the world's leading businesses' challenges. We help drive innovation in industries ranging from oil and gas to biotechnology, education to the military. As we merge the best ideas in engineering, system design, and software and hardware integration, we create innovative solutions that meet your needs.


Don't take our word for it. Let our track record speak for itself.


Technology World Firsts:


  • Direct View LED CAVE - The first immersive virtual reality CAVE environment with Direct View LED technology


  • CAVE2 - The first CAVE2 integrated in China at the Chinese Academy of Forestry.


  • getReal3D for Unreal - The first clustered virtual reality plug-in for Unreal Engine in a CAVE and CAVE2.


  • 360-camera & T-CAVE - The first time a 360-camera was used in an immersive environment for traffic routing and control during the Pope's visit at Villanova University.
  • Dome Display Manager - A proprietary solution designed for the California Academy of Science's Morrison Planetarium to control smooth fading transition between different video sources or PCs.


  • CAVE2 - The first CAVE2 integrated in Australia at Monash University.


  • 5-sided CAVE (France) - The first 5-sided commercial automated virtual environment (CAVE) installed in France at Renault.
  • FLEX - The first FLEX created with movable video cubes at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock.


  • SFF CAVE - The first Small Form Factor Computer Aided Virtual Environment (SFF CAVE) developed to dramatically reduce footprint requirements of a traditional CAVE while maintaining its high-resolution and brightness.


  • getReal3D™ for Unity - The first demonstration of Unity's game engine in a CAVE.


  • 4-sided CAVE - First CAVE with a retractable ceiling, integrated at the Raytheon Company.


  • T-FLEX - Built the first patented T-FLEX.

  • Mosaic™ - The first stereoscopic capable 3D projection cube for scalable tiled walls.


  • 4K 6-sided CAVE (Middle East) - Installed the first 4K 6-sided CAVE in the Middle East at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST).

  • ACE™ Dual View - The first tracked dual-view stereo from a single projector.


  • Mobile-FLEX™ - The first portable large-scale, reconfigurable visualization system.


  • World's First 4K Stereoscopic Visualization System - Highest resolution visualization system ever built as part of Iowa State University's 6-sided CAVE (100 megapixels of resolution and 96 channel PC graphics cluster).


  • Beacon 4K™ - The first patented eight-mexapixel, highest resolution active stereo projection system.

  • SuperCAVE - The first 5-sided SuperCAVE projection-cube system installed at the Los Alamos National Lab.


  • ROVR™ - The first comprehensive, ultra-portable stereoscopic display.

  • Beacon - The first simultaneous dual-mode stereoscopic projector that offers active and passive viewing at the same time.

  • Beacon XG - The first XGA (1024 x 768) resolution active stereo LCD projector.

  • 1600 x 1200 UXGA Projection System - The first ultra high-resolution, digital, active stereoscopic 1600 x 1200 UXGA projection system.


  • CURV™ - The first rear-projected curved-screen theater display.

  • DuraFloor™ - The first durable projection surface for immersive room floors, color matched to wall screens.


  • Stereoscopic DLP® Projection Technology - The first public display of stereoscopic DLP® projection technology at Supercomputing.

  • 6-sided CAVE (U.S.) - Installed the first 6-sided CAVE in the U.S. at Iowa State University.


  • FLEX™ - The first large-scale, reconfigurable visualization system.
  • Rear-projected curved screen - The first system of its kind installed at Picatinny Arsenal, a US Army research and manufacturing facility.


  • PC-based CAVE - Developed and built the first PC-based CAVEs for the Industrial Technology Research Institute and the National Museum of Marine Biology, both in Taiwan.


  • CAVELib™ and trackd™ - Commercialization of software technology for immersive displays.

  • Seamless Corners™ - The first engineered structure for immersive and reconfigurable rooms that eliminated shadowing and minimized visible corner seams.