Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)

Architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms delicately match their client's needs with a project's functionality. This kind of balancing act can be time consuming and costly for the designer, builders, and client. Luckily, technological advances now allow AECs to virtually immerse themselves in the project to explore the most efficient, effective, and functional solution to best suit the client's every requirement. 

Quote by Clay Gordon

AECs can virtually walk a client through a layout, viewing the space from any angle with multiple alternatives at once, before any final construction takes place. As a client makes suggestions or recommendations, the AECs can seamlessly change or remove features in real-time.


The design/build/service process thrives on collaboration and communication - without the best of both, a project can suffer. Advanced technology helps deliver projects that meet expectations on time and in budget.


Mechdyne's advanced technology solutions address the most complex challenges, even including a role in smart manufacturing plant floor design optimization and major civil engineering infrastructure projects. Because we thoroughly understand your technology and business needs, we can create the best customized, pre-tested, turnkey solution that meets your highest goals.

Benefits of Mechdyne's Technology Solutions for the Architecture & Engineering Industry:

  • Gain a competitive advantage by offering your customers virtual modeling and walk-throughs

  • Conduct thorough and decisive project reviews 

  • Reduce project cost and risks 

  • Explore and interact with virtual projects through various interactive technologies

  • Enhance client understanding

  • Increase collaboration and decision making across clients and stakeholders

  • Improve workflow efficiency

AV/IT Solutions for the Architecture & Engineering Industry:

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