Discovery happens on ultra-high definition displays, using high power computing and graphically intense applications. Millions of pixels displayed at ultra-high resolutions allow users to detect the smallest variations, leading to significant discovery. Geographically diverse organizations can't afford to tether their scientific team to expensive, high-power work stations, but remote computing technology has been slow to catch up.

That is until April 2014 when Mechdyne introduced teleGraphix™ remote desktop technology. By delivering ultrahigh resolution images with near zero latency, teleGraphix allows users to access powerful graphics workstations from a remote thin client computer or laptop.

"teleGraphix solves problems other remote desktops cannot," said Brian Cox, Mechdyne's teleGraphix specialist. "By transferring ultra-high resolutions while providing high frame rates and low latency, you feel like you're sitting right with your high-power computer."

Graphically intense remote computing is an especially critical capability for the scientific community, in particular those in the energy sector.  As part of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) annual meeting, energy scientists will have the opportunity to experience teleGraphix first hand. More than 350 leading companies, government agencies, and research and educational institutions involved in global oil, gas, and mineral exploration come together at the SEG event to collaborate and learn about the latest technologies.

This year, Mechdyne will showcase their powerful remote desktop solution interactively controlling different types of graphically intensive applications, such as architectural structures, vehicle mockups and, naturally, geophysical models. “We’re moving pixels, not information,” explains Cox. “We are showing and controlling another desktop by using teleGraphix.”

SEG Denver occurs over the course of a week, October 26-31, featuring opportunities and events for thousands of visitors. Over 800 oral and poster presentations draw attendees from more than 85 countries.