Mechdyne's Ian Myhill will be presenting at the upcoming ICEM Surf User Group meeting Thursday, January 23, at Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon, United Kingdom. A Class A-surface modelling, surface analysis, and design visualization software, Dassault's ICEM Surf, is used in product design, especially in the automotive industry. Myhill will discuss the benefits of working with the ICEM Surf modelling and analysis software in an immersive visualization environment.

Mechdyne's immersive environments bring incredible detail to scale models and include the CAVE2, CAVE, Flex, and Powerwalls. Mechdyne also offers a variety software solutions that enhance the user experience. Solutions include Conduit, CDVI, and getReal3D for Unity.

Mechdyne is one of the world's leading providers of innovative visual information technologies. To ensure customers succeed, Mechdyne provides comprehensive, customized solutions that include consulting, software, technical services, and hardware integration.