New York, USA - December 6, 2004 - Orad Hi-Tec Systems (symbol OHT), a world leader in scalable high performance image generators in the field of visual simulation and TV production technology, and Fakespace Systems, Inc., a leading provider of large scale 3D visualization solutions, today announced an agreement allowing Fakespace Systems to provide Orad DVG high performance image generators to their customer base worldwide. Further, ORAD systems are now supported by Fakespace's Conduit software.


Conduit is an exclusive Fakespace technology that enables Virtual Reality (VR) interaction features in software applications that do not have "native" support for clustering or for immersive viewing. With Conduit, multi-mode computing platforms such as the Orad DVG can support VR interaction features such as stereoscopic imaging, motion tracking and immersive viewing in environments such as the multi-wall CAVE®. Fakespace recently announced Conduit for Dassault Systemes V5 PLM applications.


With over 600 installations throughout the world, Fakespace Systems is the leader in the development and deployment of interactive and immersive advanced visualization environments. Fakespace's experience with consulting and all elements of visualization solutions allows them to specify best of breed components essential to meeting customer needs and expectations.


"Having Fakespace Systems join the growing worldwide family of DVG 3D Graphics Cluster resellers, brings their unparalleled experience in visualization integration to organizations desiring smooth seamless integration of the latest 3D scalable graphics technology," said Stu Taylor Vice President US Vis-Sim Sales for Orad, Inc. "Fakespace's knowledge and experience in delivering quality visualization solutions to their customer allows them to select an Orad solution with confidence."


"The trend toward cluster-based visual computing is gaining momentum," said Jeff Brum, Director of Marketing for Fakespace Systems. "We encounter a wide range of requirements, from fairly standard to highly customized solutions. Orad's flexible and scaleable cluster systems will allow us to specify a system that meets particular requirements."

About Mechdyne Corporation

Mechdyne Corporation is the world's largest company dedicated to consulting and development of immersive, networked and collaborative visualization solutions. The company addresses complex projects where an in-depth understanding of user requirements leads to the development of products and customized solutions involving elements of visual, software and support systems. Mechdyne's product divisions provide advanced display technology, audio/visual systems design, and implementation services, as well as immersive and interactive software development and support. Headquartered in Marshalltown, Iowa, Mechdyne's customers include leading government laboratories, military research programs, energy companies and a variety of 'edutainment,' manufacturing, and other users of visualization technology. More information is available at


About DVG

The DVG from Orad provides visualization scalability by chaining two or more PCs with COTS ("commercial off the shelf") video cards and combining their video outputs for a single display projector. Additional PCs can be added to increase performance in geometry calculation, pixel/texel fill rate or volume rendering to match the requirements of the application. No longer does software need to be modified to match graphics hardware architecture, the hardware itself can adapt to the application. The DVG provides several means of chaining the PCs together, time division, sample division, screen division, eye division and image division. Each one provides a different mechanism for scalability depending upon the needs of the application.


About ORAD

Founded in 1993, Orad is a world leader in TV production technology and rapidly increasing it's position in the visual simulation ('VisSim') industry. Orad's lines of products include virtual sets, on-air graphics systems, virtual advertising, sports production solutions and hardware for the VisSim industry. Orad has received extensive worldwide recognition for its systems at a wide-range of events including the 1999/2000 Emmy Award for the 'Implementation of Real Time Virtual Imaging for Live Events on Television'. Orad is a publicly traded company on Frankfurt's Prime Standard and Alternative Investment Market of London (symbol OHT).


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Stu Taylor
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Jeff Brum
Mechdyne Corporation
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