While in China, it was nice to have a chance to travel through Beijing on a tour bus and see the Great Wall of China with my teammates, Wallace and Ting. The view of the wall was breathtaking and it was amazing to see how large the wall truly is. This was a great trip, where I was able to help my team install a CAVE2 and also take a few days to enjoy the scenery. 

Of all my trips to Middle East countries, I think Doha (the capital of Qatar) has to be one of my favorites. It’s a new city with brilliant buildings and it lights up like Las Vegas. There are so many different styles of food to choose from, making it easy for tasty dinner choices. The hospitality by from the locals is top-notch and make you feel right at home. We also had the pleasure of visiting “The Pearl,” where we spotted a nice beach to get our feet wet and have a cold drink at a very nice restaurant, Talia Mare. Almost forgot to mention the weather in Doha is perfect in the winter!


Greetings from Dubai!

Phil and I took a fun day trip to Dubai on our day off from work at a client site in Abu Dhabi. We visited the Dubai mall where we fed some sharks and big fish in the aquarium. Then we ventured up the Burj Khalifa to the world’s highest observation deck on 148th floor! What a view! To finish off the visit, we enjoyed local food in the old town center and even bartered in a souk market. It was a day off well-spent!

- Nick

Greetings from Africa!

I recently made a visit to Africa for a systems upgrade in Luanda, Angola, and was able to mix business with pleasure. En route, I was able to visit a college friend in Kenya for a short weekend, but we managed to pack quite a few things in; visiting a giraffe park, a baby elephant sanctuary, and embarking on a mini African safari, to name a few. A lot of things and a lot of running around but definitely worth it.

Next up was work in Luanda, Angola, where I spent most of my time at the client site. However, I did find some time to check out some things. I visited their brand new monument (literally this year) in downtown called the Unknown Soldier Monument. It was quite spectacular! And in between all of this, I was also able to have a nice dinner with the client. Overall, I’d say the trip as a success!

Until next time!


Greetings from Pikes Peak!

Tim and Andrew here, checking in from Denver, Colorado!

While in Denver for a systems upgrade at Metropolitan State University, Andrew and I spent one of our weekend afternoons exploring the natural sites of the city, including Pikes Peak! While I've been to Pikes Peak before, it was Andrew's first time, so we took our time to snap some shots of the beautiful views along the way to the top. Once we got to the summit, we were in awe of the beautiful sites all around us. We also couldn't help but acknowledge the vertical change over the course of Pikes Peak Highway, which is over a mile high. Talk about staggering! What a way to spend a Sunday afternoon. 

Until next time!

- Tim

Greetings from the East Coast!

Rachel here, checking in from a whirlwind week visiting clients along the East Coast! 

It’s not every day that I get to see some of our visualization systems in their natural habitats, and it’s been an incredibly eye-opening experience. Seven client visits in four states sounds like a lot for a three-day trip, but it’s made a lot easier by getting the opportunity to see the planets in scale, roam Mars’ surface, play with elevation levels in a sandbox, and watching molecules interact. That phrase “you’ve got to see it to believe it?” It’s definitely not just a cliché when it comes to virtual reality. When we were in the models, I found myself asking a lot of questions I would never have thought to ask. Actually seeing it really does inspire questions, curiosity, and ideas. I knew that, but didn’t know it until experiencing it myself in such an immersive environment.

While I’ve certainly added St. Peter’s Square to my bucket list, I think I’ll stick to VR for looking at the planets.

- Rachel

Greetings from New York City!

Alex and Vesteinn checking in from New York City!

We are here for a two-week install at a client site in lower Manhattan. After a long day's work, we took some time to walk around the city and check out Times Square, Central Park, and even made it up to the 86th floor of the Empire State building. On the weekend we found ourselves wandering around the city a bit more including a night time boat tour out to the Statue of Liberty and going to see the 9/11 Memorial. It was great to spend time in a city with such rich history and culture. New York City truly is a melting pot. 

Until next time!

Greetings from San Francisco!

The team spent two weeks over here in sunny California installing two systems for a client in downtown San Francisco. After a long week of hard work, we found some time over the weekend to explore the Bay Area. We rented bicycles and rode around San Francisco, stopped by North Beach and Fisherman’s Wharf before crossing the Golden Gate Bridge into Golden Gate National Park. We finished our ride in the beautiful coastal town of Sausalito. One of many great memories from our travels with Mechdyne!


Mechdyne Travel, San Francisco Mechdyne Travel, Golden Gate Bridge


Greetings from Chicago!

The team made the “short” drive over to Chicago to install a new PLEX system for a customer located right downtown. With the team working night shift to not interfere with the daily operations of the business, we got a chance to explore Michigan Ave aka “Magnificent Mile” during the day. Along the way we ventured through Millennium Park and then back up the Lake shore. No Chicago trip could be complete without stopping for some of the famous Chicago deep dish pizza for lunch!


Mechdyne Team at Millennium Park in Chicago

Mechdyne travel log, Chicago

Greetings from the UK!

Hello from across the pond! I recently returned from filming video testimonials with Mechdyne clients around the United Kingdom. I took a couple extra days of vacation to see the UK. Here are some of the highlights: I hiked the White Cliffs of Dover, met a yak in Scotland (or as the locals call them, “hairy coos”), went on a Loch Ness cruise, and saw the sights of London unknowingly a few blocks from where Princess Charlotte of Cambridge was being born. I love that Mechdyne gives me the chance to travel around the world to places I otherwise would not get to see!


Mechdyne Team at StonehengeMechdyne Team Photo at Warwick Castle

Mechdyne Team at the Iron Bridge

Greetings From Paris!

Clint and Rob here, reporting for duty! 

We arrived yesterday morning to meet with a manufacturing client here in France to discuss future system upgrades, and we had an extra afternoon to explore the city of Paris. The Louvre is too big to visit for just a few hours, so we stopped by the glass pyramids on our way to the Arc de Triomphe. There is nothing like a long walk in Paris to work off the steak tartare from the night before.  

Not a bad way to spend some free time during a work trip, huh?  We’re only here for a few days, and jet lag is very real.  But, hey, we can always sleep on the plane.  Paris awaits!

Mechdyne team in France

Greetings From Calgary!

Good day!

The team is in Calgary, Alberta, Canada installing a new solution for a large oil and gas company. The installation has been going so smoothly, we’ve had time to explore the area. The team went to the Olympic Park to watch the bobsleigh runs (bobsleigh is Canadian for bobsled). Then, we explored Banff National Park and had a great time on the ice trail hikes (everyone fell at least once). Sadly, none of us had a moose sighting.  It has been an amazing experience traveling with my teammates and getting to know them better. Not only that, but, a trip to the mountains doesn't happen with every job.

Cheers from Calgary,


relaxing in canadaTim in CanadaWade in Canada

Alex in CanadaMchdyne Group shot in Canada

Greetings from Angola

I'm here with a project team of four Mechdyne engineers working with a major energy enterprise to install a visualization system. We finished ahead of schedule, and are exploring the city of Luanda. We've visited the historic fort La Fortaleza, tried all sorts of local favorite restaurants, bargained at the Futango market, and visited the National Museum of Slavery.

I love getting the chance to travel with my Mechdyne teammates for the great comradery and truly unique experiences. Saúde desde Luanda! 

Mechdyne Team in AngolaNick in AngolaMechdyne's Angola Team Photo