Imagine making decisions about relocating hundreds of employees to  a newly constructed building by looking at a drawing, or a small scale physical model. New construction clients are saying, "there has to be a better way." They want to experience their new buildings before construction begins using a full-scale model and examining the space from every angle. They want to physically be in their new building and pass through office doorways, sit in waiting areas, and move around critical spaces like operating rooms, collaboration suites, and entry ways. New developments to modeling software along with middle wear innovations allows architects and construction engineers to do just this and take their customers on a tour of building projects using virtual immersive AV solutions.
On June 4, architects, construction engineers, and facilities planners are gathering in Chicago to experience this technology in the most advanced visualization environment to date--the CAVE2.  In addition to experiencing a virtual design review themselves, attendees will learn from some of the most forward thinking architects and construction engineers. The event speakers will address how visualization technology can be used to reduce project costs, accelerate the revision process, and improve collaboration with customers.  Presenters include: 

Kevin Gilson, Director of Design Visualization at Parsons Brinkerhoff

    • Incorporating visualization into your projects

Scott Stocking, Spatial Data Infrastructure Manager at the University of Chicago

    • Advantages of immersive environments with regard to spatial relationships

David Murphy, President and Owner of Crawford Architects

    • Designing and building the Penn State Pegula Ice Arena and best practices in implementing BIM

Clay Gordon, Vice President and Chief Development Officer at Nabholz Construction

    • Best practices of using advanced visualization systems with clients in the construction industry

Kurt Hoffmeister, Co-Founder of Mechdyne Corporation

    • Current and upcoming AV/IT trends in virtual design and construction

The "Trends in AEC Virtual Design Technology" event is hosted by Mechdyne. Click here to visit the conference website, or contact