Expert knowledge of AV is critical to our success at implementing broad based technology solutions. Our company's success hinges on each individual’s hard work and dedication to improvement. Our teammates continually strive to improve based on internal feedback, customer input, and industry best standards, such as those provided by Infocomm International. Perhaps one of the most significant reflections of knowledge in the AV industry is the Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) certification. 
CTS certified technicians must pass a rigorous comprehensive exam, focusing on creating, operating, conducting, and servicing AV solutions. Ambitious CTS-certified candidates can take it a step further to achieve specialized certifications. The Design (CTS-D) or Integration (CTS-I) certifications require an intense class preparation, oral and written exam, and on-site practical examinations. The nearly-week long process is exhausting, but the result represents a commitment to professional growth and the industry.
Not only is our number of CTS-certified teammates constantly growing, but we have two teammates dual specialty certified in CTS-D and CTS-I; less than two percent of all CTS certified individuals can say that. Mike Pedersen, Mechdyne's Senior Staff Engineer and dual certified CTS-D and CTS-I, explains why he chose to get certified in all three categories:
"Getting all three was a natural progression in the audiovisual industry to show a high level of proficiency. I did it partly for a sense of personal and professional accomplishment, but it was mostly to support Mechdyne, and demonstrate to our customers that we are serious about AV. The extensive knowledge I gained from the experience serves as a foundational basis for the design work I do every day."