With Mechdyne’s Trends in AEC Virtual Design Technology Conference coming up in early June, I thought about the challenges facing today’s architects and engineering construction professionals. Rapid innovations in virtual design and increasing customer demand for advanced audiovisual (AV) technology has some firms working “in the dark.” 

Both The American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the Association of General Contractors (AGC) are committed to preparing their members for the future. According to the AGC, this is the first time since their Outlook Survey started in 2009 that a majority of contractors reported expectations the market will grow in the current year. This growth will spur increased competition among both contractors and architectural firms, with these industries in critical need of differentiators beyond price, past performance, and existing relationships. Assessing and implementing current trends in their industries will be critically important to enhance profitability, in addition to developing more future-focused competitive advantages.

As a commercial integrator providing future-focused technology solutions for these industries and others worldwide, Mechdyne also has a mission and responsibility to shed some light on the bright future ahead. To do so, our upcoming AEC event will feature a range of keynote speakers with rare insight, providing real-world, case study examples of how their firms are dynamically lighting the way in the future of virtual design and construction, and advanced AV/IT integration. 

If you and members of your firm are eager to learn more about unique, competitive advantages on the fast-approaching horizon, then attend our AEC conference in Chicago.  We will be discussing the advancements that will be game changers for AEC firms and facilities planners that are ready to aggressively compete and innovate.  

We will be exploring new trends in such timely topics as: 

    • Building Information Modeling (BIM) advancements 

    • Designing for 3D virtual environments 

    • Experiencing real-word examples of virtual design customer reviews 

    • Negating the impact of possible change orders by using virtual design

    • Advancing virtual building design and construction

    • Embracing data analytics, data management, and new software tools

    • Using 3D laser scanning strategically

    • Addressing how AV/IT innovations change customer expectations with new market thresholds

    • Avoiding technology obsolescence

    • Dealing with advanced AV technology demands

    • Adjusting your choice of appropriate AV/IT technology partners 

That’s quite a list, representing a rare, fast-track opportunity to be enlightened and informally network with other industry professionals.   

The event will also include a visit to the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) CAVE2™ Hybrid Reality Environment. A special, optional workshop is being planned to further demonstrate how rapid advances in both hardware and software can brighten the profit margins for architects and construction engineers in the future. 

For more information about our special Trends in AEC Virtual Design Technology Conference in Chicago on June 4 and to register while seats are still available, just click here.  Be sure and check out the roster of speakers and how they can provide real competitive insight to keep you and your firm from working in the dark!  I hope to meet you there, along with a team from your office.