What if I told you that the IT metrics you’re using to track department success were wrong? That running utilization and performance reports, tracking tickets, and measuring response time really doesn't lead to the success you’re striving for? It seems so counter-intuitive; the IT service culture has used these traditional metrics since department performance evaluations began. To truly measure your team’s effectiveness and success, it’s time to start focusing on people instead of equipment. 

Ultimately, that’s the real purpose of AV/IT services – helping people. If issues are quickly addressed but aren't fixed, then your customer isn't satisfied. The traditional metrics you’re using don’t accurately reflect AV/IT productivity; they track the symptoms, but not the cause. Relentless attention to end-user satisfaction drives a program’s overall success, greatly impacting your bottom line. 

Happy Customers Lead To Happy Equipment

If your users are happy with the technology they utilize, the demand for upgrades or replacements diminish – along with your expenses. The key in preserving confidence and productivity in your users, thereby maximizing your department’s success, is through proper equipment management, maintenance, and training. By putting a process in place to minimize downtime and maximize customer satisfaction rates, traditional measurements of success naturally increase and improve. A managed services partner that can analyze your current situation and develop a plan to create satisfied customers is the first step toward a more effective and efficient department. Let us focus on end-user satisfaction so you can focus on your primary goals – meeting company objectives and growing the business.

Customized Service Plan for Your Unique Needs

Even though you compete in the same industry, your AV/IT needs differ from your competitor’s needs. One company may require 24 hour on-site support to schedule, manage, and maintain technology solutions. Another organization may require support developing a management and maintenance plan with additional assistance provided as needed. A customized solution should always address your organization’s unique workflow and objectives.

Mechdyne strives to create unique service plans for each of our clients – working within their resources and constraints to optimize their customer satisfaction levels and maximize the ROI on their technology. We provide services from asset management and consulting to full-time on-site support and white-glove meeting service. 

Maximize Your Technology Investment

Partnering with a managed services organization focused on your customers’ experience will maximize your investments on new and existing technology equipment. Users that are trained and supported utilize technology to its fullest potential. High levels of user satisfaction plus optimized ROI on technology creates an AV/IT department that is truly high performing. 

Watch our webinar, “Why Your KPIs Don’t Matter, but Ours Do,” to discover how happy customers equal happy equipment. Click here to watch.

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