As more items become connected to the internet, the possibilities to create truly amazing customer technology experiences can dramatically grow. It will change the way we collaborate with our teammates and business partners. 


During the Opening Keynote at the InfoComm 2015 trade show, Nick Bilton of the New York Times highlighted upcoming technology innovations. A topic very real to Mechdyne focused on the Internet of Things (IoT) or Internet of Everything (IoE). 


Science fiction author Arthur C. Clark wrote, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." That statement represents my ultimate vision for what I want to provide our customers - a magical experience. With the IoT, Mechdyne will create more "magical" automated experiences that enhance productivity and improve workflows. 

Let's just take a corporate conference room. What might IoT "magic" automation look like?


Starting the Meeting

  • The system has access to the room's meeting schedule and a list of participants per meeting. The system ensures the hardware is on and pre-configured for the meeting prior the scheduled start time. Temperature, lights, and shades are automatically adjusted.
    • When it recognizes the meeting organizer is present (perhaps via RFID, facial recognition, NFC, or network location of a smart device), the meeting automatically starts. This automatic start would include:

      • Connecting to the organizer's preferred content, perhaps even remotely to their own computer still docked in their office

      • Starting a set of meeting minutes and marking recognized participants as present 

      • Contacting each invited participant who is not present via their preferred communication route (UC, phone call, VTC, etc.)

      • Turning on the electronic whiteboard and creating a new workspace for notes

      • Recording the meeting

      • By knowing who is involved in adjacent meeting times, the system provides schedule reminders to ensure timely meetings

Voice Recognition

    • A voice recognition system recognizes verbal commands to simplify room resources.  For example, if a participant has filled the virtual whiteboard and needs a clean board, a verbal command tells the system to save an image of what is currently on the whiteboard before clearing it for further collaboration
    • Voice recognition technology automatically takes meeting minutes with voice to text conversion, identifying each participant by voice and tagging the text with the correct originator

Ending the Meeting

    • After the meeting ends, the system shuts down, closes the meeting minutes, and automatically distributes the notes to all participants. Any meeting recordings end and are stored and distributed

    • If the room has not been booked, the system will respond intuitively without a complex control panel.  For example, a simple move of the mouse or tap on the keyboard in the conference room will signal the system to power up and configure, and since it will identify you, it will configure it to your pre-chosen specifications

We are seeing lots of vendors here at InfoComm showing more networked products than ever before as well as ever more advanced network functionality on those devices. However, it takes a visionary company to take all that network possibility and combine it to create solutions that can truly improve workflow, increase employee efficiency, and provide ongoing return on investment.  Mechdyne is that visionary company, and I can't wait to see what we do next!

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