Glassboro, NJ – July, 2015

On July 8, Rowan University unveiled their new 180-degree visualization and virtual reality system during the grand opening ceremony at the South Jersey Shore Technology Park. University professors and researchers demonstrated the potential of the new system to students, faculty, community, and industry partners.

The Virtual Reality Lab (Lab) opened in 2008, featuring a four-sided CAVE. Since its inception, the Lab has fostered collaboration with industry partners like Lockheed Martin and NASA. Together, university and industry teams solve a wide range of problems including flood mitigation solutions, testing the visual range of unmanned drones, and conducting studies for nearby cities. 

Continuing a long standing partnership that began when the Lab opened, Mechdyne designed the customized 10-sided system to provide flexibility without sacrificing resolution or power. At the grand opening, Lab leadership emphasized the competitive advantage Rowan students gain from their experience working on cutting-edge technology and collaborating with industry partners.

On July 22-23, Rowan is opening the Lab’s doors again for the Trends in Visualization Technology for Teaching, Learning, and Research Event sponsored by Mechdyne. For more information about Rowan’s new system, visit:

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