Consider all of the assets that are essential to your business. Did conference rooms come to mind? The average management level teammate participates in 8.4 hours of meetings per week. That’s 21 percent of their work week in a conference room (Romano and Nunamaker, 2001). Despite this, conference rooms are not often seen as a priority to a business. In many cases, teammates are not trained how to use conference room technology, organizations do not have an efficient plan to address technology disruptions, and the equipment is not regularly maintained. The sad reality is that over a quarter of all meetings are delayed or rescheduled due to technology complications. Certainly these can be equipment malfunctions, but technology complications also result when presenters are unsure how to use their equipment. 

A Never-Ending Cycle

You walk into a meeting on time to discover that the technology isn’t working – again. No one can figure out how to display data on the screen, and your remote attendees are having trouble calling in. You call the IT department for help. While they’re trying to diagnose and resolve the problem, your team sits, waiting, and patience grows thin. 

The Steep Price of Lost Productivity

This reoccurring problem costs your company more than you think. Consider a mid-level manager with a fully burdened rate of $40 per hour. According to research from the University of Tulsa and the University of Arizona, this teammate attends nine or more meetings per week at an average of an hour each, resulting in over 20 percent of the week spent in meetings. Statistically, at least two of those meetings are likely to be disrupted by technology issues. First, the team struggles to fix the issue for, on average, 31.5 minutes ("The Meeting Room Marathon - A Waste of Corporate Time"). Then, the teammate does one of three things:

    • Cancels and reschedules the meeting, taking up another hour in the future. 
    • Runs over on time, potentially delaying future meetings. 
    • Squeezes an hour of work into 35 minutes, which inevitably ends up requiring an additional meeting to finish anyway.

The result?

    • Three wasted business days per teammate per year waiting on technology, equaling nearly $1,000 of unproductive time for a mid-level manager per year.
    • $6,800 worth of time spent by the IT team per year trying to solve meeting room issues ("The Meeting Room Marathon - A Waste of Corporate Time").

These two costs combined equal approximately $250,000 lost due to ineffective meetings each year for an organization of 250 employees.

Three Steps to Solving the Meeting Conundrum

It’s time to start treating conference rooms like the essential resource that they are. Follow these steps to ensure that your meeting technology works for everyone in the organization, every time.

  1. Standardize conference room technology across your entire organization. The most efficient way to produce significant savings comes from simplification and standardization. Consistent technology leads to more efficient and timely meetings; teammates only have to learn one process to make use of every meeting space.
  2. Train your teammates to use the rooms. User error is a leading cause of conference room technology issues. These issues are drastically minimized when teammates are confident that they know how to use the rooms, making technology training a top priority.
  3. Hire someone to manage of your AV technology. A trained technician to manage all of your conference room technology ensures that regular maintenance prevents malfunctioning technology, and an expert is always available to quickly resolve any issues when they occur.

Mechdyne’s technical service team treats conference rooms as critical business assets. We create customized conference room solutions to fit your organization’s needs, whether that’s as simple as a display screen that can connect to your laptop, or as complex as a completely intuitive room. Mechdyne’s technical service team can also provide training after your technology has been installed, regular maintenance visits, emergency visits, and even an on-site technician to oversee your new technology all day, every day. 

For more information about conference room technology, click here. If you’d like to know more about Mechdyne’s one-of-a-kind technical services, check out our managed services.



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