Now this is what I call teamwork. I’m watching ten of my Mechdyne teammates gather together for a group photo. We are just outside a hibachi-style restaurant at a resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, where we spent the evening having dinner and getting to know each other as friends instead of co-workers. I am privileged to spend four days celebrating and recognizing Mechdyne’s top performers of 2015.

“Our people are number one. Treat each other well, expect a lot, and good things will follow” is prominently stated in Mechdyne’s core values. Although our client-centric focus, unique approach to solving client problems, and expertise in harnessing the power of technology sets us apart, our people and culture are truly what makes our company so successful. As our most valued asset, we are always looking for new ways to keep our teammates engaged, interested, and happy in their work and environment.  Our most recent initiative toward keeping our teammates number one while rewarding and encouraging our top performers is with an award trip. 

Every year, Mechdyne recognizes eight teammates for their outstanding performance, accomplishments, determination, attitude, and quality of work, represented in seven categories:

  • Mechdynamo: Recognizes exceptional determination, persistence, and endurance in support of the company and its clients

  • Achievement: Recognizes outstanding performance, accomplishments, and quality/quantity of work

  • Inspiration: Recognizes a professional, positive attitude that serves as an inspiration to others

  • Initiative: Recognizes a proactive acceptance of ownership, accountability, and task completion

  • Best Practices: Recognizes efficiency and effectiveness through process and continuous improvement.

  • Unsung Hero: Recognizes outstanding achievement that often goes unrecognized – awarded to two individuals

  • Award of Excellence – Top Salesperson: Recognizes the top sales person of the year

When it comes to nominating and selecting the winners, the process is highly peer-driven. Every year, any teammate can recommend an individual to their manager for the awards. Keeping this in mind, team managers select 3-4 nominees in each category during a leadership meeting in October. Then, in one of the most interesting meetings of the year, a committee of peers represented equally across all departments comes together to discuss the nominees and learn more about what makes them special at Mechdyne. As a true reflection of the team’s decision and not executive judgement, the committee then votes on who they think should win the award to be announced at the Mechdyne-Iowa holiday party. We also recognized two additional awardees in the Tenure category.

This year, teammates and a guest of their choice spent four days at a resort in Punta Cana snorkeling and scuba diving, surfing, taking boat cruises, relaxing by the beach and pool, and touring the Dominican countryside. I am proud of every Mechdyne teammate, especially those who have gone above and beyond all year to earn this amazing reward.

But don’t take my word for it. See why this year’s winners were selected and what they have to say about their trip!

Wade Mechdynamo Award Trip

Mechdynamo – Wade

Wade was a warrior on the road and during our staging process – he managed several large projects, and demonstrated determination, persistence, and endurance over several installations.

“This trip was awesome – I could scuba dive in the Caribbean with my Mechdyne teammates!”

 Nathan Initiative, Mechdyne Award Trip

Initiative – Nathan

Nathan is a sponge for feedback and knowledge – he pushes for hard feedback, more challenges and volunteers to spearhead new processes.

“This was a truly memorable trip, and a great reason to be at Mechdyne.”

Kelli Best Practices, Mechdyne Award Trip

Best Practices – Kelli

Kelli’s work with teammates across the organization to implement automations, more efficient processes, and oversight proves she is a real Mechdyne asset.

“First of all, to be nominated and selected by my peers to be the recipient of this award and trip was an honor. Secondly, for Mechdyne and our leadership to offer such a generous award is awesome!” 

Rachel Inspiration, Mechdyne Award Trip

Inspiration – Rachel

Under tight deadlines, complex and difficult topics, constant critique, questions, and shifting priorities, Rachel never waivers. She is rock solid, positive, and inspirational.

“I am so grateful to not only be recognized as someone who inspires the people around me, but to be awarded for it. This is a trip I will always remember.”

Neera Unsung Hero, Mechdyne Award Trip

Unsung Hero – Neera

As someone who continually does what it takes to get the job done and then asks for more, Neera has driven tremendous process changes and innovations.

"It's tremendous that Mechdyne recognizes their employees in such a wonderful and generous manner. The location, food, and friends were all perfect. It's a really great added incentive to excel at Mechdyne."

Brian Unsung Hero, Mechdyne Award Trip

Brian - Unsung Hero

Although the majority of Brian's work is done behind the scenes, the entire Mechdyne team depends on him to keep our workflows running smoothly.

"This trip was really beneficial for me, as a newer teammate, because it really helped me get to know and interact with many individuals that I don't work with on a day-to-day basis."

Lori Achievement Mechdyne Award Trip

Achievement – Lori

Over the last year, Lori has expanded and deepened her knowledge and influence among teammates and clients, refining processes to provide the best solution to our clients.

“It’s so rewarding to work for a company who cares about their teammates.”

Bobby Tenure Mechdyne Award Trip

Bobby – Tenure

"The trip was amazing. Beautiful location, good surf, delicious food, and an all-around great time. It's really great to see Mechdyne offer a reward like this - it's the real deal and all our teammates should shoot for it!"

Richard Tenure Mechdyne Award Trip

Richard – Tenure

“The trip was fantastic as I got to spend some time with teammates away from work who I haven’t had the chance to socialize with before.”

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