Marshalltown, Iowa – Mechdyne Corporation is celebrating the launch of TGX 1.9 with a website dedicated to the remote desktop software. Visitors can request a demo of TGX, download updated user guides, discover specific remote desktop use cases, and more.

This new website serves as a resource for power users and resellers alike. Users looking for an advanced remote graphics experience can explore the features of TGX while resellers will be able to access product resources and showcase their own uses of TGX.

Additional website features include:

"TGX is changing the way that people work. With the launch of the new website, we can now provide a resource for our clients and partners that enables easier access to TGX information, latest news, and partner solutions."

- Mark Hirst, Sales & Marketing Strategist

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About TGX

TGX is a remote desktop software solution that gives the power user--including engineers, designers, and creatives--the ability to access their graphics-intensive data in high resolution and real-time from anywhere. With TGX, users can display and manipulate their data housed on their local workstation from a remote device with multiple collaborators around the world.

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