I am the first to arrive at our weekly team meeting.  On my laptop, I have a short PowerPoint presentation stepping though product development progress. Cathy arrives with laptop in hand.  She is going to review our financials and project schedule. Chris’s computer is back at his desk, ready with new schematics for a project design. Lori brought her iPad and, as usual, Jack has his iPhone.

In order for this meeting to be productive, for us to engage, we need to connect, show and describe our ideas. We need to put everything up on the displays.

After a fast login and a couple clicks, we are ready.  Five windows appear across the meeting room’s displays. In the center is my presentation, flanked by windows containing Cathy’s financials and project schedule, and Chris’s schematics. A short video is queued to play at the bottom of the display. This simultaneous visual display of our ideas is possible because of Meeting Canvas—a Mechdyne collaboration tool.

Some people refer to Meeting Canvas as a machine, or a box, or an appliance. It is easier to think of Meeting Canvas as the collaboration hub. Video sources connect to the hub making graphically rich content available for display, setting the stage for a truly interactive experience. Meeting Canvas can work with many different types of inputs simultaneously. The content is configured on meeting room displays according to the user specifications with an intuitive and easy to use interface.

For this meeting, Cathy and I directly connect our laptops to the Meeting Canvas via DVI cable. Chris’s computer is being accessed over the local intranet. The video is streaming via YouTube over the internet. Our meetings are dynamic and we change the display setting several times over our session. Using their iOS enabled devices, Jack and Lori share pictures from their latest customer visits.

Using an annotation tool, Chris marks connection points on his schematic and indicates where they impact the customer site by drawing an arrow to Lori’s photographs. There are several more people we would like to share this collaboration session with.  Meeting Canvas enables us to record and save the displays. It is all very easy.

Sometimes I think we forget how Meeting Canvas has changed the collaboration experience. It is hard to imagine if you haven’t seen it.  To see Meeting Canvas in action, watch this video.  Even better, our team will be in Detroit November 19 and 20 providing demonstrations.  This is part of a one and a half day Visualization Technology event held at the Henry Hotel in Dearborn, MI. Please join us if you can.