New Commercial Construction AV & IT

Today's modern office buildings promote creativity and inspire employees. To be successful in a new building, all users must be confident with a simple, seamless, and consistent audiovisual and information technology (AV & IT) design that matches the company's workflow and the building's architecture. Such a vision begins with pre-construction design and technology partnerships. 

Mechdyne's strategy starts with focusing on organizational goals, end-user workflows, and new building visions to drive technology recommendations. We consider AV & IT technology an integrated part of the overall building design.

Our technology roadmaps always meet our clients' long-term needs, whether they are hosting large group meetings with remote participants, managing seamless presentations, or collaborating together. Our unified project approach results in:

  • Cost savings
  • Condensed building schedule
  • Client satisfaction

Technology That Minimizes Project Costs

Project costs rarely stay below initial estimates. Despite being commonplace in blueprints, "placeholder" AV & IT designs cost companies thousands in wasted materials and time. When it's time to finalize a technology solution, project owners are forced to make changes when met with space limitations, wiring and network constraints, or incomplete designs.

Considering the AV & IT solution upfront minimizes these issues. As part of our process, Mechdyne:

  • Works closely with architects, building owners, and facilities experts
  • Reviews blueprints and infrastructure requirements
  • Asks probing questions about our clients' business goals and workflows 
  • Considers facility implications, legacy technology, and solution onboarding

We work hard to ensure our process pays off for our clients. Mechdyne maintains record low change order percentages while delivering on our clients' vision. 

AV/IT Technology That Keeps Your Projects on Time

Mechdyne's comprehensive project approach eliminates unnecessary rework time. Instead of multiple parties making AV & IT decisions-creating project confusion-a single point of contact unifies project components, goals, and objectives. As a result, Mechdyne's clients meet all project milestones and timelines.

AV/IT Services for New Building Design

Blend iconic architectural design with seamless technology functionality. Mechdyne designs collaboration spaces to accommodate any kind of workflow and complement the building's overall aesthetic. By considering all aspects, Mechdyne clients see increased equipment utilization and longevity because users are more comfortable using the technology.

Support Long-Term Business Growth

Mechdyne thrives on creating solutions that address each client's business challenges through upfront investigation. We relentlessly ask questions until we truly understand our clients' ultimate goals, then design a comprehensive technology solution to match.

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