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Managed AV Services


Monitoring and resolving issues proactively at a large corporate campus encompassing 3.5 million sq. ft. across 17 buildings. There are AV systems in more than 1,500 conference rooms that range from simple to complex in design.

Remote AV System Monitoring Saves a Meeting


With more than 1,500 rooms to support, the mission of maintaining the rooms so that meetings are not negatively impacted can be quite daunting. Even with a team of 20+ AV technicians checking rooms throughout the day, there will be problems with the AV systems that will occur. The trick is catching the problem before the user does.


By implementing remote monitoring tools, AV systems can be monitored from a central location. When a potential problem is observed, remote troubleshooting techniques are executed. If the problem is not resolved remotely, a technician is dispatched to the room. This often allows for issues to be found and resolved before the end-user knows there is a problem.


In this particular situation, a problem was found with the conference communication system in the private conference room of a Vice President. A technician was dispatched to the office. The Administrative Assistant was not aware there was a problem. The technician resolved the issue and learned that a high-level meeting was scheduled for a couple of hours of finding the problem. A failed conference call was averted.

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