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An international manufacturing firm built a new global headquarters and wanted to improve their meeting spaces to be intuitive and easy to use.



Mechdyne had to satisfy many differing opinions and a huge number of end-user requirements. Different users had various suggestions and favorite approaches and technology they had randomly implemented in their past spaces, reducing the effectiveness and availability of those spaces to other groups – who didn’t understand the usage and whose setup didn’t meet their day-to-day workflows.



Mechdyne interviewed end-users and reviewed the various workflows and spaces currently being utilized. Institutional stories did not match the day-to-day realities of the various workflows, and Mechdyne demonstrated and eliminated common myths and opinions held by different teams. We were also able to provide a common language and glossary of terms to ensure the spaces were intuitive and useable by part-time teammates all the way to the C-Suite.



The utilization rate of their spaces has increased dramatically (by over 40%). The time wasted at the beginning of each meeting also decreased substantially, minimizing administrative and support time resolving issues due to lack of knowledge and understanding.

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