AV Consulting for Corporate AV Equipment

Consulting Services for Corporate Audiovisual Equipment

Mechdyne’s Blueprint Consulting Service combines technology maintenance, diagnostics, and user interviews to optimize technology solutions and plan for the future.

Blueprint combines user workflow analysis and technology recommendations to provide decision-makers the information they need to understand the current status of their audiovisual equipment and the next steps to optimize their investment.

As a baseline tool, Blueprint enables Mechdyne clients to understand how internal processes are affected by technology. In addition, clients learn how long their current technology can be maintained, and when they need to consider technology upgrades.

Four Phases of Blueprint


Mechdyne gathers initial information about the technology space, how it is used, and primary technology frustrations and challenges through surveys, phone calls, and in-person meetings.

Maintenance and Diagnostics

An audiovisual expert performs on-site system service to restore the technology to manufacturer specifications. The technician also performs a complete system diagnostic to determine any root causes of technology concerns, signs of pending issues, and evidence the technology has reached the end of its serviceable life.


Mechdyne's teammates obtain a deeper understanding of pain points uncovered in the Discovery Phase and learn about each user group's workflows (current and ideal). Through analysis of the on-site user interviews, Mechdyne determines technology likes and dislikes, desired changes, information about the technology space itself, how the space is currently utilized, and visions for the future.


Mechdyne designs and maintains some of the world's most complex and advanced visualization display systems. Installing and managing these complex systems to performance expectations requires trained personnel and disciplined processes. Poor and inconsistent image quality has the potential for inaccurate assessment and decision-making based on flawed information. Mechdyne’s team can create a management plan and optimize components to ensure proper quality.

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