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Tailored Maintenance Plans to Fit Your Needs

Often when technology issues arise, an organization’s first instinct is to turn to the IT team for support. Unfortunately, many IT teams struggle to balance their time spent on critical company challenges and fixing audiovisual (AV) technology, often sacrificing technology that functions consistently in favor of larger business initiatives.

Mechdyne’s AV contract service offerings provide assistance at any scale, ensuring your technology always performs as expected. We carefully develop maintenance plans around each specific technology solution and user needs.

Benefits of AV Contract Services

Technology that works consistently creates confident and productive users.

Maintenance Visits

System maintenance
and upkeep from
our expert team


Service plans designed
to fit your needs and
unique situations

Extended Warranty

Goes beyond equipment
manufacturer’s options to
protect investment

AV Contract Services

Additional Services

Contract Services may also be paired with any of these additional services to drive additional value from your technology.

Preventative Maintenance and Service Support Visits
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance is important to keep your system functioning at optimal capacity and to proactively address issues before they occur. Mechdyne will proactively set regularly scheduled maintenance dates and provide you with regular reminders.
  • Set it and forget it! We can also provide additional ad hoc Service Support visits for any last minute or unforeseen needs.
Retainer Hours
  • Retainer hours can be a great option to supplement your current AV support team. The Mechdyne support team can come onsite to resolve any advanced AV issues or perform small system upgrades/changes.
  • Our team can also support important events or Demos as needed.
Training Services
  • The Mechdyne team can provide targeted user training for individuals or groups that require additional knowledge of their AV system.
  • Training can be provided for end-users on how to best utilize their system or for technical users on how to better support and maintain the system.
Pivot™ with Remote Support
  • Pivot enables access to your Cases, Work Orders, Service Agreement, and other information regarding your purchased services. Access your information anywhere, at any time by using a simple web-based interface.
  • Pivot is also paired with Remote Support. Contact our experts to more quickly and efficiently resolve questions and issues with your AV system.
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Mechdyne Extended Warranty
  • Provides a comprehensive solution instead of multiple warranties from different manufacturers.
  • We manage all aspects of system repair, component replacement, and firmware/configuration changes/updates providing one point of contact so you don’t lose valuable time troubleshooting on your own.
  • We ensure you and your technology are back online faster.
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Blueprint Consultation
  • We combine technology diagnostics and user workflows to help our clients build a technology roadmap. Our clients learn current technology conditions, how their workflows and usage impact the technology, and when they need to consider upgrading their solution.
  • Blueprint combines technology maintenance, diagnostics, and user interviews to optimize technology solutions and plan for the future – saving both time and money.
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