Audiovisual Service Management &
Remote Support

AV component lists, technical drawings, case management, request management, and remote support all in one place. Better understand your technology environment with:

  • Access your information anywhere, at any time by using a simple web-based interface
  • Review available services and used services without the need to contact support
  • Track, schedule, and communicate in real-time
  • Remote support via phone, email, and remote connections.
  • Improved case/request management and tracking with quick access, updates, submissions, and monitoring

Pivot™ Service Management & Remote Support

Mechdyne’s easy-to-use support and service database, Pivot™, enables both users and AV/IT leaders. Pivot™ provides effective and timely support to users, while providing information to IT and AV support leadership to make more informed decisions about their technology. This AV Service Management tool paired with our outstanding support, will benefit the entire organization.

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Remote Support

Users can open support tickets and communicate in real-time with agents and support technicians. Pivot™ enables a service engineer to provide remote support via phone, email, remote connections (when possible) or any combination.


Case Management

Users are able to open and track tickets and support requests. AV/IT Management can retrieve and analyze data from their entire organization to better understand the issues their users face. Housing all of the tickets and cases in one place also allow analysis and reporting. This gives the team a foundation to quickly and efficiently respond to incidents, tailor maintenance, and identify areas for improvement.

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