Transform How You
Deliver IT Support

Are you tired of being in constant fire-fighting mode and dealing with the daily distractions from running your service desk?

Transform the way you manage IT and operations by:

  • Enabling 24/7 cost-effective support for your end users
  • Proactively identifying and addressing recurring problems
  • Empowering your end users to help themselves
  • Assessing the full impact of changes to your technology and work environment
  • Communicating more effectively with business stakeholders

Mechdyne helps organizations implement industry-leading practices, such as ITIL, to improve IT operations. We go beyond just a help desk solution; our offerings extending to ongoing training programs, IT consulting services, and strategic roadmap development. The Mechdyne team looks beyond incident management, and instead, we focus on that’s most important to our clients.


Mechdyne Global Service Desk

Our Global Service Desk solution combines state-of-the-art technology with best practices. Our North American-based
teammates are highly-skilled, averaging five years of IT experience. Together, these components create a scalable support model
that delivers results quickly and efficiently, whether your company produces 500 or 50,000 calls per month.



Service Desk Transformation Roadmap

Mechdyne works directly with your team to develop a Service Desk Transformation roadmap, which will serve as the long-term strategy to match your organization’s workflow with a service-oriented, best practice-based IT organization. We will perform an initial assessment and work to understand your primary objectives. The roadmap will outline:

  • Process priorities and focuses
  • Key stakeholders involved in each process priorities
  • Annual objectives and milestones
  • Ongoing training needs
  • Delivery phases and timeline

The result is a comprehensive document specifically tailored to your company’s unique needs. We will help you implement proposed changes and can provide targeted consulting and training services to ensure a successful transition.


Level 2 On-site Support

Supporting your end users can require more than just a phone call. The Mechdyne desktop team provides a personal touch by arriving at your desk to troubleshoot problems with software applications, operating systems, printers, and network connectivity. Our highly trained and certified teammates can resolve any service question.


Level 2 Remote Support

Mechdyne’s remote Level 2 program specifically addresses the challenges of a mobile and
distributed workforce. We troubleshoot issues, install and upgrade software, provide patch management, manage software deployment, handle asset tracking, and remotely connect to
mobile devices to diagnose and resolve issues.


User Account Provisioning

Mechdyne provides the toolset, process, and skilled resources
to delivera comprehensive provisioning solution. We:

  • Include all tasks in the provisioning process
  • Create and secure an audit trail
  • Keep proper escalations and notifications in place
  • Ensure reports capture and retain all activity.

Integrating the provisioning process with our Service Manager ITSM
platform will also allow you to centralize user accounts and corresponding
audit trails and to eliminate reliance on emails and manual entries.


Executive Premier Support

Business executives often have special needs and demanding schedules. That’s why we offer an extended level of help desk and desktop support for executives. We provide executives with
24/7 personal attention and rapid response uniquely tailored to your execs-on-the-go.


Service Desk Flexibility

Let Mechdyne’s IT services team help you make these goals a reality. We help you turn your current operations into a world-class service desk based on industry-leading best practices. We can:

  • Solutions that fit your needs. We’re flexible in how we design your service desk solution, whether it is a shared model or dedicated team of US-based professionals. We deliver knowledgeable, reliable, and efficient service desk support.
  • Supplement your service desk team. Many of our clients have a help desk in place but require additional skill sets. Mechdyne can supply contracted resources to strengthen
    your support offering.
  • Assess your service desk. Mechdyne will analyze the performance of your service desk.
    Our experts ensure you are correctly allocating resources, following industry leading practices, and fully leveraging your current technology investment.

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