AV/IT Solutions for Large Venues and Auditoriums

Large-venue and auditorium spaces are no longer confined to standard requirements. With advancements in AV/IT technology, these spaces are dynamic, flexible, and easy to use as they engage audiences, connect remote sites, and enable large group collaboration.

Custom Audiovisual Design for Every Venue

Either through native design within a new building project or redesign of an existing space, Mechdyne ensures your spaces support collaboration, videoconferencing, distance learning, web-casting, broadcasting, and traditional speaker presentations.

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PLEX - Large-scale Theater Visualization System

Immerse yourself into a theater-like environment of three or more screens. Set at a stationary 45-degree angle, the PLEX™ gives you a variety of uses. Put different images—even from multiple sources—on separate screens for review or collaboration, set a single image across the entire screen at three times the standard resolution, or view multiple types of media simultaneously for a more productive and engaging experience. Because Mechdyne’s PLEX edge-matches the images instead of blending them, your resolution can be exponentially increased, giving you the sharpest detail.

Visualization Technology for Large-scale Applications

Show your spreadsheets, powerpoints, technical documents, or any multi-media viewing application on one big screen for team meetings or video conferencing. Review one large design across the entire screen with your whole team, or present to a client. The PLEX system has unlimited businesses uses, but is not limited to just that. Educate and entertain your audiences in a theater or auditorium for a museum or scientific exhibit. PLEX technology meets all your visualization needs.

Immersive Theaters

Wrap-Around Curved Screen Theater Display

Collaborate, present, and research with Mechdyne’s CURV™ technology. Popular for its wrap-around imaging, the curved-screen system fills your peripheral view for a more immersive feel. This makes the CURV perfect for virtual walk-throughs, interactive research, and any application requiring a wide field of view.

High-Impact, Immersive Experience

The CURV is scalable, up to a full 360 degrees horizontal field of view and 180 degrees vertical field of view. Choose between front-projected or rear-projected systems with folded optics to minimize your system’s footprint. Either way, our 4K projectors give you ultra-high definition resolution for a sharper 3D experience, incredible detail, and a seamless image.

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