New and Large-scale Retro Fit Technology Solutions

Architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms are rethinking audio visual and information technology (AV/IT) based on changing customer and user expectations. Once a commodity, IT/AV integration is now bringing AEC firms a competitive advantage if done correctly. AEC organizations risk changed orders, misaligned technology, missed deadlines, and poor user experiences when they don’t partner with a technology company to carefully plan for AV & IT integration needs.

Mechdyne carefully considers each variable that could impact the user experience, ensuring our AEC clients minimize or avoid these risks altogether. Our clients experience timely deliveries, proven technology designs, and ongoing support.

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Mechdyne's New and Large-scale Retro Fit Technology Support

Considering lighting, electricity, HVAC, and infrastructure variables

Navigating budgeting and latest AV technology decisions

Providing recommendations for optimal outcomes

New Commercial Construction AV & IT

Today’s modern office promotes creativity and inspires employees. To be successful in a modern building design, all users must be confident with a simple, seamless, and consistent AV & IT design that matches the company’s workflow and the building’s architecture. Such a vision begins with pre-construction design and technology partnerships.

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Mechdyne’s as an AV system integrator starts with focusing on organizational goals, end-user workflows, and new building visions to drive recommendations. We consider AV & IT technology an integrated part of the overall building design.

Our technology roadmaps always meet our clients’ long-term needs, whether they are hosting large group meetings with remote participants, managing seamless presentations, or collaborating together. Our unified project approach results in:

  • Cost savings
  • Condensed building schedule
  • Client satisfaction
AIA Accredited Courses

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AV/IT Integration Solutions

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