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Mechdyne has been delivering a variety of audio visual (AV) professional service support to clients for over 20 years. We partner with organizations to provide support whenever and wherever they need it. Discover what that partnership could mean for your organization.

Audio Visual Professional Services

Proactive System AV Maintenance

Let us fix it, before anything breaks. Mechdyne’s top priority is to keep technology running consistently at factory specifications. We follow a regimented preventative maintenance plan, tailored to individual room and technology asset specifications, including individual components, performance history, lifecycle, and room priority.

Preventative Maintenance Visits are scheduled at regular intervals. They are pre-set dates agreed upon by the client and Service Team for providing regular maintenance, calibrations, and system checks to keep all equipment and system functionality running smoothly. Before arriving, Mechdyne service engineer will contact the client to review any specific issues, prioritize tasks, and discuss service needs. During each preventative maintenance visit for the client site, the engineer will follow a checklist customized for the site and installation.

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Staff Augmentation

We provide audio visual experts when and where you need them. Companies partner with Mechdyne’s AV team to handle audio visual service and support for classrooms, conference rooms, executive board rooms, and complex visualization spaces without hiring and training.

With IT team responsibilities always expanding, niche expertise like audio visual skillsets takes time and resources away from focusing on internal strategic initiatives. Our AV team delivers projects and adds expertise to global teams every day.

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Audio Visual Consulting


Whether it’s a solution we provided, or an existing one, we are here to help make the most of your system. Our consulting program is called Blueprint, and we provide support to align your technology to meet your goals as they evolve. The four-phase Blueprint process enables our team to understand your needs, goals, pain points, and successes, to increase your overall return on investment.

Phases of the Blueprint consulting process:

  • Discovery
  • Maintenance and diagnostics
  • Analysis
  • Delivery


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Custom VR Content Development

Immersive environments and visualization solutions enable discovery and innovation, but there’s only so much a system can provide on its own. Content is key in experiential spaces. Our goal is to make your system’s utilization for end-users as easy as possible. Whether you have existing material and data, or you’re starting from scratch, our VR content experts can transform your vision into meaningful experiences to reach your goals.

Content we specialize in:

  • Architectural walkthroughs
  • Manufacturing design reviews
  • Energy simulations
  • Medical and molecular models
  • Training simulations
  • Government and military training and data visualization
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Mechdyne AV Extended Warranty

Mechdyne Extended Warranty

Mechdyne will warranty all hardware that is part of the system regardless of the manufacturer’s warranty. Keeping track of each individual warranty for your visualization solution is a challenge. With Mechdyne’s Extended Warranty, we take the responsibility of managing those warranties, and provide one point of contact to eliminate that hurdle for a smooth installation to utilization transition.

All costs in replacing/repairing hardware should it fail will be assumed by Mechdyne. This includes part replacement, working directly with vendors/manufacturers to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), and shipping of the defective part. Mechdyne will make every effort to replace the defective hardware and minimize the downtime for your solution.

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