With Mechdyne’s Best Practices Beyond Product Design Conference coming in mid-November, I couldn’t help but think of Bed, Bath and Beyond. That store definitely offers my wife many more options beyond just products for the bedroom or bathroom!

Mechdyne also definitely understands the use of data visualization technology beyond the manufacturing sector. There is a rapidly growing range of different sectors who are realizing the critical need for data visualization hardware and software. Mechdyne worked closely with me last year on a major project for the academic sector at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR).

The UALR Emerging Analytics Center (EAC) features Mechdyne’s data visualization systems for use beyond the traditional academic research model. In addition to a strategic focus on more funded research, the EAC also incorporates a value proposition for local industry, giving them controlled access to the facility. This “win-win” arrangement even includes workforce training and development opportunities, with UALR students from diverse disciplines across the campus also having access to the EAC’s advanced data visualization capabilities.

Why? Because more and more progressive academic institutions like UALR realize the value of adding advanced data visualization facilities as a core element for their success in all areas — research, educating their students, workforce/economic development, community outreach and innovative, high-profile public service.

While Mechdyne’s product design conference is primarily focused on manufacturing, the data visualization systems being created by Mechdyne go far beyond enhancing product design. Their visualization systems have too! We are living in a time when data visualization is becoming the key tool to meet the big challenges in literally every field.

With data collection growing exponentially, the ability to garner real knowledge (and increased profitability) from the data requires the type of advanced hardware and software Mechdyne deploys. Examples range from scientific data visualization in fields like bioscience and energy, to abstract data visualization for financial modeling and logistics optimization.

As the current Chief of Marketing & Technology Transfer for ISSAC, I am amazed at how fast the scope of data analytics is growing. ISSAC is an Advanced Data Analytics and Systems Engineering company with corporate headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and operations in Huntsville, Alabama.

Our ILLUMINATIVE Analytics™ technology is a prime example of how abstract data visualization and analysis is a key to solving incredibly complex problems — far beyond our technology’s initial Aerospace sector use by the U.S. Missile Defense Agency, with amazing new applications in Bioscience, Energy and Information Technology.  That’s why we are proud to partner with Mechdyne on an exciting range of opportunities beyond our imagination!

Joe Swaty is the former Director of Operations for the UALR Emerging Analytics Center, now serving as Chief of Marketing & Technology Transfer for ISSAC.


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