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Head-mounted displays (HMDs) for virtual reality have been available for decades. Today’s HMDs, combined with incredible computing power not available decades ago, are at price points that make them ideal for individual or possibly enterprise wide-deployment. HMDs have been proven in applications such as:

  • Task training for product assembly and service
  • Situational training such as safety awareness and personal interactions
  • Initial product design review (before sharing with larger teams)
  • Presentation experiences
  • Pilot projects to build business cases for investment in large-scale VR such as video walls and fully immersive workspaces.
  • And more…..

Many HMDs can be purchased right from the internet, which is very efficient and appropriate depending on the use case, especially single-user experiences. Where HMDs will be used for detailed tasks and collaboration, there are variables in the technology that may need to be considered to ensure goals for the technology will be met. HMDs models vary by capability, image quality/resolution, and immersive field of view. How the HMD connects to other collaborators also needs to be assessed.

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Collaborative HMDs

Where two or more people need to collaborate locally or at distance, we can design and deliver interactive hardware and solutions that will help achieve specific goals.  HMDs canbe connected to a shared space. Users can upload data and collaborate in a shared space as if they were reviewing data across from each other. When complex and highly accurate movement tracking is required, we have the experience to integrate motion tracking cameras, bodysuits, treadmills, and more.

Mechdyne CAVE

HMD Collaboration with Large Scale Environments

When multi-disciplinary groups, disparate datasets, and presentations are required, our solutions team can develop connected HMD and large scale display environments or any format system you require. We can connect HMDs to CAVEs, CAVE2, or VR video walls, in a shared space or at a distance. This type of setup is ideal for organizations that have a central development center and need to connect remote colleagues, regionally or globally, to participate in a VR session.

Mechdyne was founded as a virtual reality solution provider and has decades of experience building and connecting virtual environments. We can deliver HMD-based virtual reality solutions at any scale, as a turn-key solution with computing and content services. For individuals or multiple, connected devices, we will assess the myriad of HMD models to match mobility, image quality, and computing power to the use-case objectives.

Content Development

Our content development services create customized interactive environments that teach assembly, check components, instill safety, and more.  Learning management is used to provide instant feedback and final scoring if needed.

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