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BP - Learning Centers


Learning Centers From BP and MechdyneAs one of the world’s leaders in oil and gas production, BP provides training and educational programs to their employees all over the globe. This training typically occurred in hotel conference rooms or other settings not specifically conducive for learning. Teammates would often have to travel for training, costing BP valuable hours of productive time and resources. BP was looking for a way to give employees access to high quality training in their home time zones and provide cost-effective, purpose-built learning environments.  By building both central and satellite learning centers with collaboration capabilities, BP could train and transfer knowledge easier and more effectively.


BP's vision includes two central Learning Centers, one in Houston and one in the UK, along with several other remote High-Definition Distance Learning environments placed strategically around the world. These high-quality training centers not only have distance learning capabilities that stream classes from one site to another, but also provide specialized technologies that help facilitate the educational experience. Mechdyne worked with BP to design and implement technology that would allow BP’s experienced engineers to transfer their knowledge on to newer colleagues in a high-definition, interactive, and collaborative environment. Mechdyne’s customized solutions provided consistent audiovisual technology building-wide that drastically simplified control for the BP users.

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