Case Study

Genesis Systems Group


Genesis Systems Group, IPG Photonics Company, a global leader in factory automation with robots, partnered with Mechdyne in 2015 to find new ways to build and increase client rapport, sales cycles, and collaboration capabilities. Three years later, Genesis continues to track their return on investment (ROI) for the four column Mechdyne ARC™ system, proving to be a success year-over-year.

Justan Each, Director, Advanced Engineering at Genesis, was the driving force behind the investment in the ARC, a curved, four-by-four tiled solution that allows collaboration in virtual reality, and was able to get buy-in from the executive team. Shortly after the installation, Genesis achieved a very quick ROI, which was a combination of two orders resulting in the largest month in company history at that time. However, if Genesis hadn’t received those orders, they would have expected ROI in about two years.


Since the investment was made, Genesis continues to track metrics relating to thier client engagement strategy, manufacturing workflows, sales and buying cycles, and utilization of the ARC for collaboration. These metrics result in increased client engagement, a shortened buying cycle, reduced rework, and an increase in sales.

“The client experience is always evolving. Our team is able to work through a four-hour discussion with clients, because they are the ones driving more of what they want to see and are able to actually visualize what they’re talking about.” -Justan Each, Director, Advanced Engineering


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