Case Study



teammates collaborating with visualization wallAn integrated energy enterprise, Hess Corporation focuses on growing organically through exploration instead of acquisition. To achieve this, Hess’s highly trained and experienced scientists use information from a myriad of sources, including seismic studies and drill-head telemetry integrated into simulated computer imagery, to see prospective oil. Focused on maximizing their AV/IT investments, Hess’s goal was to leverage the power of data visualization, maximize the utilization of high power compute resources and datacenter, and create an easy user experience. The key to realizing this vision was customization, innovation, and standardization.


Designed specifically to meet Hess’s workflows, Mechdyne created and installed more than 20 team room systems at Hess’s offices in Houston, Kuala Lumpur, London, Perth, and Jakarta.  Because the rooms are similar throughout the organization, team members are instantly familiar with the visualization environment.  All rooms are fully integrated into the Hess computing network, providing users with the same connectivity to working files and operational data available on their desktops. Each room contains a Linux and a Windows workstation as standard computing hardware; the Linux workstation supports scientific computing applications, and the Windows workstation supports standard desktop applications. Hess teammates waste no time familiarizing themselves with a new area, and can instantly access their datasets and applications.

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