Prairie Meadows

Altoona, IA

Audio system with networked distribution

  • Create a custom AV solution for the unique stadium architecture with flexibility for different use cases.
  • Create memorable customer experience.
  • Maintain high-quality AV coverage above the racetrack.

Prairie Meadows


In 1989, Prairie Meadows Raceway opened its doors with the goal of giving central Iowa residents a horse-racing facility of their own. Twenty-five years later, Prairie Meadows has gained considerable recognition as an exceptionally well-designed and well-run facility, drawing racing fans from across the nation. The racetrack venue was built in phases over 20-plus years, and has a mix of seating styles, with stadium seating on one level, grandstand seating on another, plus a multi-tiered dining area with tables. The original sound system has been expanded incrementally as Prairie Meadows has grown. As a result, the sound system had become untenable.


Wanting a customer AV experience that would match their reputation, Prairie Meadows partnered with Mechdyne. Because Prairie Meadows was simultaneously in the process of mapping out an expansion of the casino requiring an audio system, Mechdyne encouraged the casino to implement a larger system with networked distribution and processing. Mechdyne designed a networked system that includes DSP control, monitoring, and expandability, meaning there was a sonic impression that sound was coming from the track instead of the ceiling. This reconfigurable system gives Prairie Meadows complete flexibility for events such as weekend racing and promotions, or background music and emergency paging.

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