Conference Rooms and Collaboration Spaces

C-Suite and Conference Room Solutions

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Time is money, and conference rooms should be designed to save you both. Too many organizations fall into the trap of wasting time on extensive meeting room setup and disruptions. On average, organizations of 250 employees waste $250,000 each year due to ineffective meetings.


Conversely, Mechdyne's approach focuses on user-centric design, control system customization, and workflow alignment to produce intuitive rooms. Not only do our clients achieve utilization rates well beyond 80 percent (compared to an industry standard of 60), but they also record exceptional user satisfaction scores. And when your users are happy, your organization reaps the rewards.


Regardless of room type - C-Suite, conference rooms, innovation rooms, or huddle spaces - we let the user experience and workflows guide intuitive room design. By keeping service and maintenance in mind, we improve the overall ROI and equipment lifecycle in your collaboration spaces.


Multi-Purpose Collaboration Solutions

Multi-purpose Collaboration SpacesAs organizations become more creative with capital spending, they look for ways to maximize their return on technology investments. As specialized collaboration spaces are going by the wayside, organizations are investigating how to expand their user-base and increase utilization.


AV/IT technologies provide a flexibility to meet the needs of a diverse user base. Whether we begin with our clients on initial brainstorming sessions on a new space, or perform workflow analysis for technology modifications, we maximize room utilization. By focusing on the client's goal, we deliver a solution that delivers maximum returns.


Mobile Collaboration Stations

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Diverse project teams spread throughout buildings. To provide flexibility, we have developed a variety of mobile collaboration units. Teams move units room to room, across campuses, or to events and trade shows. Regardless of location, teams share multiple sources on content, video conference, and easily remote-access their workstations. Intuitive setup and operation makes this technology intuitive for all teammates without the need for IT support.