AV/IT Contract Services

Contract IT Services from Mechdyne

Often times when technology issues arise, an organization's first instinct is to turn to the IT team for support. Unfortunately, many IT teams struggle to balance their time spent on critical company challenges and fixing audiovisual (AV) technology, oftentimes sacrificing technology that functions consistently in favor of larger business initiatives. Mechdyne's AV/IT contract service offerings provide AV technology assistance at any scale, ensuring your technology always performs as expected. We are successful in servicing our clients due to our:

  • Expertise from our managed services support structure, in which we focus on enabling and satisfying users rather than fixing broken technology
  • Flexibility in technology services based directly off your technology needs
  • Tailored service plan designed around technology usage and performance expectations

 We offer the following contract services options, allowing us to build a technology support plan that's as unique as your organization.

Preventative Maintenance

Organizations avoid issues before they ever impact employees through regularly scheduled proactive maintenance efforts. During preventative maintenance, our service technicians tune and adjust your AV technology to factory specifications. We develop a customized visit plan based on your unique solution's every nuance.


Immediate Phone Support

Unfortunately, all technology undergoes unexpected downtime. Whenever your users experience a technology problem, Mechdyne guarantees to get you back on your feet in as little time as possible. We provide 24/7/365 phone support through our Pivot help desk. During a call, we route you to the service technician ideal for your situation who works to resolve problems remotely. Pivot also allows both our clients and Mechdyne to jointly record and monitor all your technology support needs. 

On-site Issue Resolution

In instances where issues cannot be resolved remotely over the phone, we provide on-site visits. Our highly-trained and certified technicians provide fast, responsive, on-site support to resolve any unexpected systems issues.

Parts Warranty

Many AV/IT solutions incorporate components from many different manufacturers. Instead of juggling multiple warranties and following cumbersome steps to fix or replace broken components, Mechdyne provides a single warranty for your entire system. We manage all aspects of system repair and replacement, including:

  • Shipping coordination
  • Direct communication with the manufacturer
  • Component deinstallation and reinstallation 


Mechdyne's Blueprint services combine elements of technology diagnostics and user workflows to help our clients build a technology roadmap. Our clients learn current technology conditions, how their workflows and usage impact the technology, and when they need to consider upgrading their solution. Blueprint includes four key elements:

  • Discovery: Introductory surveys and phone calls to gather initial information
  • Maintenance & Diagnostics: Technology service and complete diagnostic
  • User Analysis: On-site user interviews to uncover workflows and technology expectations
  • Delivery: Detailed report including data, analysis, and technology recommendations and roadmapping

IT Service Desk Support

In addition to any AV support needs our clients have, Mechdyne also provides a full range of outsourced service desk, desktop, managed hosting, and network support and services. We provide IT support, eliminate distractions, and allow clients to concentrate on achieving strategic business objectives.

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