Contract AV/IT Services

Contract IT Services from MechdyneYou're in the middle of a project when suddenly your technology fails. Your IT team tries to fix the issue, but this problem appears to require AV assistance - expertise that your company doesn't have. I'm sure you're thinking, "Why me? Why now?" It's unfortunate when system break-downs happen, but they don't have to stop your productivity. Finding a team of experts to help during times like these is imperative. 


Your technology's success hinges on a clear and carefully developed maintenance and support plan. Through proactive maintenance, immediate phone support, and fast response times for on-site visits, Mechdyne ensures your technology operates optimally. 


Certified Technical Support and Expertise, On Demand

Let Mechdyne's trained and certified technicians handle the system issues so that you can focus on what's really important. We offer the following Contract Services allowing you to get your AV expertise on demand - keeping your AV/IT resources running so you never have to miss a deadline again. 

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