Distance Learning and Training Technology

Consistent Training Opportunities in any Environment

BP Upstream Learning Center

Sharing valuable knowledge between veteran and new employees creates a path for future growth and success. A highly trained and skilled workforce maintains your competitive advantage. Whether or not a learning strategy succeeds hinges on how you train your teammates and the supporting technology.


Organizations maximize the benefits of a continuous learning strategy utilizing AV/IT technology solutions. From a single training room to a complete learning center with auditoriums, classrooms, and broadcast rooms, advanced technology solutions engage employees, increase retention, and reduce expenses. Local and remote teammates are equally provided with clear and consistent training. When employees have access to curriculum, interaction across locations, and increased collaboration capabilities with minimized travel, your organization reaps the benefits.

Remote Collaboration Meeting Technology

As collaboration workflows continue to evolve, employees in Fortune 1000 companies are mobile or remote over 50 percent of the time. Census data reports over 50 percent of the US workforce holds a job that is compatible with remote work arrangements. As the mobile workforce grows and travel between campuses, customer sites, and non-traditional offices continues to increase, organizations are forced to redefine collaboration technologies.
remote collaboration meetings
Regardless of their location, employees expect a like-local collaboration experience-videoconferencing, sharing of multiple content sources, easy access. Through advanced AV/IT technology solutions, organizations can generate efficient and effective team meetings. Mechdyne develops AV/IT software solutions to maximize the user experience.

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