Application of 3D and Virtual Reality Software in Energy Exploration

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As energy companies continue striving to find better ways to meet a growing demand for clean, reliable, and affordable energy, virtual reality and 3D visualization provides a path to success. Energy companies are leading the way in creating virtual decision-making centers including collaborative team rooms, integrated operations centers, and advanced training facilities designed to enable new ways to discover, collaborate, and share information. Leveraging advanced visualization technology ensures:

  • Streamlined operations and reduced costs

  • More precise and accurate placement of drill sites

  • Consistent training and safety procedures

Mechdyne has helped many oil and gas clients design, integrate, and support the technology that monitors drilling, manages operations, enables geoscience exploration, and supports day-to-day business collaboration. Our solutions are compliant with strict energy industry safety and business standards while integrating seamlessly in both upstream and downstream operating environments. 

Optimize Operational Procedures for Drilling Wells

When geoscientists and reservoir engineers leverage data models for oil, gas, and water movement and interaction, they know exactly where to extract oil and gas below the earth's surface. By visualizing seismic data in 3D, these scientists dive deep into their datasets to avoid subsurface hazards and reduce the risk of drilling dry holes. Virtual reality and visualization solutions improve and streamline collaboration as they allow scientists to virtually locate, see, and test drilling sites, resulting in extreme cost savings and equipment uptime.

Accelerate Production and Reduce Expenses

Energy Exploration

According to Dassault Systemes, the cost of developing an oil well is a staggering $864,000 per dayi. Any delay-whether it results from drilling uncertainty, inconsistent processes, or unanticipated complications-can cost energy companies tens of millions of dollars. Many companies leverage advanced visualization technologies to accelerate production by improving situational awareness, standardizing processes, virtually testing plans, and optimizing procedures. As a result, organizations are able to develop better workflows that lower the risk of mistakes, delays, and rework while increasing overall performance and lowering the heavy cost of downtime.

Off-Shore and On-Shore Safety and Training

Keeping safety top of mind positively impacts our energy clients' bottom lines. By considering safety in every action, energy companies see positive impacts in cost savings, increased retention, and a positive public opinion. However, ensuring consistent training requirements between onshore and offshore assets can be challenging to maintain among changing offshore crews, expensive training exercises, and disruptions to everyday on-site work. Virtual reality and 3D simulations allow employees to be trained safely off-site without disrupting normal work routines in consistent and safe environments. This translates to enormous cost savings, improved accuracy, and reduced risk.

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