Monash University's CAVE2

Research and Education


Learn how researchers, faculty, and students at Monash University are making new discoveries by immersing themselves in data using the world's largest CAVE2 system.

Jeff D. Smith - Lockheed Martin

Design & Manufacturing


See how Lockheed Martin uses advanced technologies from Mechdyne Corporation to help their Space Systems Company realize significant manufacturing time and cost savings with a virtual reality lab the company calls the "Collaborative Human Immersive Laboratory" (CHIL).

Joe Kleiss - Rock Island Arsenal

Design & Manufacturing


Learn how Rock Island Arsenal utilizes Mechdyne's CAVE technology and immersive capabilities to show their customers a product design before cutting any metal, saving them an estimated $4.4 million and 3.8 man years.

Jack Lashier - Iowa Hall of Pride

Museums & Entertainment


Watch how Mechdyne's creative visualization displays for museums and entertainment venues enhance user experiences.

Rosalinda Mendez - University of Houston

Research & Education


Learn how Mechdyne is solving medical imaging, data analysis, and image sharing problems in clinical environments.

Paul Sovelius - Houston Methodist Hospital



Watch how the University of Houston uses Mechdyne's advanced visualization technologies in their Learning and Computational Center.

Phil Davies



See how Mechdyne helps solve knowledge transfer and distance learning challenges for oil and gas companies.

JD Stephenson - Anadarko Petroleum



See how Mechdyne solves collaboration and data analysis needs via advanced visualization rooms at Anadarko Petroleum.