Types of VR & Visualization Solutions

Virtual reality (VR) and visualization solutions come in a wide variety of immersion levels and capabilities. The right VR solution improves decision-making, solves problems, and enhances learning. We help our clients understand the different levels of VR capabilities and match the right one with their workflows and goals. With so many options available, organizations rely on Mechdyne to uncover which solution will bring the highest ROI for their specific use case.

Experience Your Data with Flat Displays

Although not always the first thing that comes to mind when looking for VR solutions, flat displays offer a scalable entry-point towards immersion. Mechdyne's solutions range from a simple tiled display wall to a 50-foot-long Powerwall. Flat displays can come in monitor and projector-and-screen formats. Regardless of size or type, the right flat solution enables detailed data review and collaboration in 2D and 3D: 

Curved Displays to Enhance Immersion

The more a solution wraps around your vision, the more immersive it becomes. Whether organizations take advantage of projected curved screens, the ARC, or the 320-degree capabilities of a CAVE2, curve displays work best for wide fields of view. Although not as immersive as a solution that includes a floor or ceiling, curved displays enable visual tasks such as:

Fully Immersive Capabilities in CAVEs and Headsets

To gain a complete sense of presence in the world, our clients totally surround themselves in CAVE or VR headset technologies. Within a 360-degree virtual world, users become completely immersed in the VR experience. In this environment, users: 

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