ARC by Mechdyne

ARC by Mechdyne

Create a brand new user experience in the ARC by Mechdyne. The ARCTM is a portable, scalable solution providing a collaborative environment for users to interact with data, optimize workflows, and engage customers at a new level. The high-resolution, curved, four-by-four tiled display offers clients an entry-level solution into advanced audiovisual/information technology (AV/IT)

The ARC provides a near-seamless, passive stereoscopic, 3D capable immersive environment that supports information-rich analysis. Wide enough to comfortably allow for 6-8 people to collaborate, the ARC is ideal for problem-solving, modeling, simulation, and big data analysis applications across all fields. Mechdyne clients take advantage of the ARC’s:

  • Space Requirements: The low ratio of the ARC’s footprint and the usable space makes the ARC the perfect solution for a smaller room.

  • Scalability: Inspired by the more complex CAVE2, organizations can expand the ARC to include up to 18 columns. 

  • Portability: The virtual reality solution can be torn down and set up in a matter of hours.

  • Entry Level Cost: Organizations with smaller budgets still take advantage of an immersive environment with the option to scale up as budget sizes increase.

ARC Specifications

  • 4x4 configuration at approximately 9-feet tall and 15 ½’ feet wide.

  • 16 near-seamless passive stereo off-axis-optimized 3D LCD panels at 7680x4320

  • 2.1 high end audio setup

  • 4 or 8 camera optical tracking options available

  • Single node per column

  • Cluster tooling to manage the graphics settings of one or multiple systems

  • Passive stereoscopic 3D capable

  • Conduit for Sketch up and Google earth  included in standard software package

  • 90-day standard warranty, optional 2-5 year warranty with parts

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