Conference & Collaboration Rooms

collaborative roomTechnologies change every day. The newest innovations can make all the difference in improving your training programs, engaging your audiences, demonstrating new ideas, and more. Whether you are a large company or a small college, you need the best way to manage your unique team or training room workflow.

Mechdyne constantly monitors new developments and technologies so we can bring you the newest and best innovations. Anything from design reviews to group decisions, new teaching tools help your team learn and collaborate together.

Mechdyne can help you design, integrate, and install your collaborative classroom with everything you need, including:

Our consulting, development, installation, software, computing, and technical services are available to any organization in the world. Please contact your Mechdyne representative to get your project started. 

Team Rooms

collaborative room for interactive meetingsIncrease the productivity of design reviews, demonstrate new ideas, and enhance group decision making with collaborative team rooms. Your meetings will go from whiteboards and PowerPoints to interactive meetings smoothly and seamlessly, giving you the potential for real-time decision making.

Whether it’s a conference room, board room, auditorium, or a whole floor of rooms, collaboration is an integral part of your everyday workflow. Mechdyne helps make the process easier and more productive with an extensive selection of collaborative technologies to help you work with others – down the hall or on the other side of the world.

Bring all your key participants together at the same time, whether they are remote or in the same room. By managing information and data better and interacting with your team in real-time, you can make better group decisions and have more efficient demonstrations or presentations. With collaborative team rooms, you have the benefit of understanding and collaboration without long design cycles and big costs.

Training Rooms

collaborative training classroomEnhance your training by better engaging your audiences and improving your teaching tools. Technology is now an indispensable part of an organization’s training curriculum for continuing education. Training rooms positively influence the way information is presented, understood, and retained. 

Mechdyne can help make your training room a valuable part of your organization. Our full service capabilities include facility design, technology integration, and on-site staffing to ensure smooth and reliable ongoing operations.

IT/AV technologies are rapidly converging, creating new possibilities for training center connectivity and instruction flow. Interactive presentation displays and distance-learning technologies have changed how instruction can be accessed and delivered. Instructor-led, self-directed, participatory and remote instruction courses have different audiovisual and networking requirements.

When you plan a training room, your infrastructure needs to be robust and flexible for new presentation technology. Network connectivity needs to allow access to virtually any data, especially so remote instructors can be connected with audio/video conferencing, telepresence, and remote graphics sharing. Your training room must be user-friendly so you can control more technologically complex spaces to improve productivity. Mechdyne guarantees confidence in your presentation tools, and easy contributions during training.

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