Movable Walls for Innovative Ideas

FLEX™FLEX and T-Flex hardware solutions

Easily reconfigure your immersive visualization system at the touch of a button. The FLEX’s easily movable side screens flexibly provide you with the most ideal format for your needs. As the world’s first and most widely installed reconfigurable visual environment, the easily movable wall screens makes this ideal for multiple configuration applications. In less than five minutes, the FLEX can become a:

Move the screens yourself or get them motorized. Either way, our self-leveling side screens combined with our Integrated Structural System seamlessly align, no matter the configuration. Start small with a standard single rear projector, or go big with larger screens and multiple projector-arrays.

    • Standard Screen Size: 7.5' high x 10' wide

    • Standard Projector: Single Rear

    • Components: Three Walls, One Floor

    • Movable Components: Two Side Walls

Reconfigurable Immersive Display


Take the FLEX system up another level with Mechdyne’s T-Flex display. Not only will the side walls move to reconfigure your display, but the floor display smoothly moves into a ceiling position at the touch of a button. The added point of view enhances design evaluations and your sense of presence in applications such as virtual product design, maintenance training, architectural walk-throughs, and exploration and training. 

    • Standard Screen Size:  7.5' high x 10' wide
    • Standard Projector:  Single Rear
    • Components: Three Walls, One Floor/Ceiling
    • Movable Components: Two Side Walls, Floor to Ceiling

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