Interaction Technologies

Access and manipulate your data faster and intuitively with interaction technologies. Take control over your data by viewing it from multiple perspectives and sharing concepts better and faster.

Interaction technology solutions at Mechdyne

Touch And Gesture Technologies

Intuitive technology today is primarily touch-based. Mechdyne’s touch and gesture technologies can be integrated with either 2D or 3D environments and displays to give you the easiest capabilities possible.


Touch with a single finger to open a file. Touch and swipe with two or more fingers to expand an image or more. It really is that simple. Single or multiple users can use our interactive technology with LCD and plasma displays, large screen walls, or touch tables to make new discoveries. 

Mechdyne has a wide variety of touch technologies, including pressure sensitive, camera-based devices, wired or wireless, existing or new. We work with you to find your best turn-key touch display.


Control your content, access information, and manipulate objects intuitively with simple hand and body gestures. Cameras that track hand and body gestures convert the motion into on-screen action, perfect for wall displays and 3D immersive environments, or for display tables. Mechdyne provides the perfect design and programming for your applications to use in public spaces, trade events, or any other ideal location.

Motion Tracking and Tracked Interactions

Gesture and Interactive Technologies at MechdyneCameras track your motion and convert it into on-screen action. This is the most effective way to improve interaction with 3D visuals. “Natural” interaction at Mechdyne is made possible through trackd™ software, head tracking devices, and hand-held joysticks to reflect your perspective on a screen, or interact with hand-held objects. With an enhanced perception and intuitive interaction, you can comprehend complex data faster, better, and with a sharper accuracy. 

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