Large-scale Theater Visualization System

Plex collaboration systemsImmerse yourself into a theater-like environment of three or more screens. Set at a stationary 45-degree angle, the PLEX™ gives you a variety of uses. Put different images—even from multiple sources—on separate screens for review or collaboration, set a single image across the entire screen at three times the standard resolution, or view multiple types of media simultaneously for a more productive and engaging experience. Because Mechdyne’s PLEX edge-matches the images instead of blending them, your resolution can be exponentially increased, giving you the sharpest detail.

Visualization Technology for Large-scale Applications

Plex visualization technologyShow your spreadsheets, powerpoints, technical documents, or any multi-media viewing application on one big screen for team meetings or video conferencing. Review one large design across the entire screen with your whole team, or present to a client. The PLEX system has unlimited businesses uses, but is not limited to just that. Educate and entertain your audiences in a theater or auditorium for a museum or scientific exhibit. PLEX technology meets all your visualization needs.

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