Tiled Walls

Tiles wall solutions at MechdyneThink of Mechdyne’s tiling wall options as visual building blocks. Each module can be used individually or tiled to create a near-seamless, high-resolution display wall or control room. With hardly any separation between them, our modules can be stacked as high and as wide as you need.

Flat Panel

A flat panel display has the slimmest profile of any of the tiled wall module options. The flat panel displays are comparable to a flat-screen TV, with high-definition resolution.


Mechdyne’s cubes are deeper than the flat panel because they are a mini-display with a rear-projector inside the cube putting images on a mirror, reflecting to the screen. This gives you nearly no separation between the screens, giving you a near seamless, high-definition image. 


As a small building block, Mechdyne’s micro-tiles are essentially a cube with a lower resolution. This type of module is ideal when you are tiling multiple screens together to create a bigger wall. Mechdyne can make them curved or flat to fit your unique needs.

Whether you want a monoscopic 2D or stereoscopic 3D view, the high-resolution display tiles can arrange in any array for your particular needs, such as control rooms or operation centers, to video walls or presentation rooms.

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