In early June, over 40,000 attendees from around the globe – audiovisual (AV) professionals, end users, and manufacturers alike – converged in Las Vegas for a week of AV innovation and learning. I attended InfoComm with a number of my colleagues to learn about emerging innovations and upgrades in control systems, displays, signage, AV support, and more.

In order to provide scalable, user-friendly solutions for our clients, we must be aware of the emerging solutions in AV. As a result, we spent a lot of time with each vendor on the show floor to learn about their new products, capabilities, applications, and support. This information enables us to choose the right technology for our clients and their needs, regardless of manufacturer or brand.

Learn About Mechdyne’s Vendor-Neutral Approach

This year’s InfoComm proved to be an incremental show. Rather than seeing any major announcements or new product releases, we saw a lot of last year’s technology – with improvements and upgrades. All the same, we identified some key insights to pay attention to regarding:

  • AV as a Service (AVaaS)
  • Plug-and-play products
  • Direct view LED
  • Top products at InfoComm

Top Takeaways

AV as a Service

AVaaS is still in its infant stages, but we anticipate seeing this service offered more frequently in the industry. Rather than owning an AV solution and all the maintenance that comes with it, you instead “rent” it on a monthly or annual basis through an AV provider. This results in being able to bundle the hardware and support into a single operating expense versus a capital expense. AVaaS is an option to consider if you struggle justifying the capital expense of integrating an upgraded or brand new AV solution to your leadership team.

Plug-and-Play Technology

Plug-and-play AV solutions are a response to consumer-based technology. Plug-and-play products don’t require manual configuration or set-up; instead, you plug the device in, and the hardware and software speak to each other automatically for faster start-up. These products tend to be more automated and user-friendly for the end user and typically cost less. However, take caution when considering a plug-and-play AV solution as low cost can also lead to sacrificed quality and longevity, which we often see with consumer-grade products.

Similarly, integrators and AV providers are adopting the one-stop-shop structure in order to provide bundled equipment for their customers. In an effort to expand their product lines, this means that manufacturers are offering an all-in-one solution for customers, including hardware, software, and support. Although this may seem “simpler” in the purchasing and installation process, ensure that every component in the solution is right for your use case.

Direct View LED

Direct view LED continued to be a growth product at InfoComm this year. This type of display provides seamless, scalable, and large images. Since last year, more and more manufacturers are offering direct view LED displays in their product catalog. The glaring reality on the show floor, though, was Sony’s lead in the LED market with their micro-LED solution.

Top Products

Although we saw most of the products on the show floor at last year’s InfoComm, many of the solutions continue to capture our interest due to their innovative capabilities and enhancements. These products include:

Predictions for InfoComm 2019

With the trends we’ve observed this year, we anticipate new trends will continue to emerge and existing ones will develop further. Are you curious about when 8K displays will gain traction in the market? Want to learn more about voice-activated, AI-enabled solutions? Watch the full recording to hear our predictions about these solutions and more for InfoComm 2019.

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