IT and Audio Visual Support teams improve in a variety of ways. Whether it be through automation, new technologies, or direct feedback. Client satisfaction surveys are one of the key ways that in-house or outsourced managed services teams receive feedback from end-users. While at the macro level the monthly/quarterly/yearly satisfaction scores demonstrate the overall effectiveness of the support teams, individual surveys provide insights into how specific support staff and issues affect end-users. While positive surveys reinforce what teams do right, negative surveys sometimes offer even more insights and opportunities for continuous improvement. In the video below, one of our teammates describes our survey review process and why we like receiving (some) negative surveys. The transcript is also included below.


So one of the things we do at our client sites is to make sure that we survey all of our end-users. So whenever our end-user has an experience with us via a ticket, we make sure that they get a survey on the backside of that ticket, and once we’ve completed it.

We usually get a lot of really great surveys, which is really is awesome. And it’s super exciting for the team and we love getting great feedback, but every once in a while we get a bad survey.

And the thing about us is that we really enjoy actually getting bad surveys. We like good ones better, but when we get bad surveys, it gives us the opportunity to really dive in and to understand what went wrong in that particular situation.

So typically, what we’ll do is we’ll reach out to the client, really understand the situation very well, so that we really know what happened. Then we will reach out to the internal teammates who were involved and put our heads together and try to figure out what happened and what we can do better next time.

And so typically, what we do is we end up with a process improvement or a change in the way that we support the client that ends up being a good thing and ends up being a really positive experience for both the team and that we’re able to improve our operations and it’s really good for our end-users.

So kind of counterintuitive, but sometimes we like getting bad surveys.

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