3 Facts About IT Outsourcing

Securing organizational success in a hyper-digital age means making strategic moves to ensure that your business’ service desk solutions are on point. Especially in a post-pandemic world, end users and organizational decision-makers alike have come to expect a certain level of finesse and efficiency when it comes to dealing with the digital— meaning providing an IT service desk solution that’s flexible and personalized is crucial to providing a smooth experience.

Unfortunately, many organizations are in the dark when it comes to the best ways to strategically use a service desk, particularly an outsourced service desk. These common scenarios and pain points most likely sound familiar when it comes to the question of whether to outsource IT support:

  • “My current service desk is running smoothly, so there’s no need to make a change now.”
  • “If I outsource my IT talent, I run a potentially big risk of data exposure.”
  • “My organization just isn’t in the proper place to financially consider a change like this.”

If any (or all) of these statements resonate with you, keep reading to discover the top three reasons why outsourcing your service desk will prime you for organizational success.

FACT #1: Outsourcing your service desk means maximizing your budget.

Creating a budget for any part of your business will likely entail “hidden costs” you might not think of during inception. In the case of maintaining an efficient support desk, it’s important to remember that it isn’t just about the gross price of the service. It’s also about the services’ own unique set of “hidden costs”— which include recruiting, hiring, training, retention, and productivity. Here are some common perks that outsourced solutions typically provide:

  • All the software and hardware required to run a service desk
  • Hosting and redundancy
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Hiring training, and retaining quality IT personnel

Because these types of service desks are quite often allocating their own organizational costs across multiple clients, they’re able to achieve an economy of scale in a way that most in-house teams can’t accomplish on their own. Essentially, by tapping into the power of a third-party partner for your IT needs, you’re able to maximize your own resources and budget.

FACT #2: You don’t need to be in perfect organizational health to outsource your service desk.

Imagine for a moment that you want to embark on a healthier lifestyle, but you refuse to set foot in the gym because you aren’t in good health yet. You can quickly see how detrimental that line of thinking can be— and the same applies for using the overall health of your organization as a prerequisite for adopting an outsourced service desk solution. In fact, the right service desk partner can provide significant value to your organization as you iron out the details elsewhere. Here are two ways a great outsourced service desk setup can benefit the health of your organization:

1: The quickest way to resolve inefficiencies in how you’re able to provide tech support is by actively engaging experts in the service desk industry. This acts as a fresh set of eyes on how your service desk currently operates, which more easily reveals opportunities for improvement.

2: Is your organization a fan of a particular tech stack? The right service desk team will be willing to adopt your technology, ITIL framework, and processes so you can continue working as usual while they support what already works for your teams.

FACT #3: Strategic use of an outsourced service desk leads to more chances for happy end users.

End users can be defined in many ways, and your business is likely dealing with a wide variety of them. Whether they’re employees or external clients, your end users should all be treated like a customer. Especially when it comes to time-sensitive tech requests from end users, it’s crucial to maintain a service desk standard of professionalism and cordiality to make sure that your end users feel truly supported and seen.

When you choose to outsource your service desk, consider picking a partner that will monitor the key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter most to not only your business’ bottom line, but also, to the experience that your end users have. Here are some typical metrics that service desk technicians can monitor for you:

  • Customer satisfaction ratings and comments
  • Utilization
  • Resolution rates
  • Availability

Your outsourced service desk can leverage these metrics to strategically and incrementally improve pleasant end user support. This will not only equip agents to create the most positive experience possible, but also, prime your business for ongoing technical success— now, and in the future.

Outsourcing for Outstanding Results

Securing the right service desk dynamics and support for your end users might seem like a tall task. Thankfully, with the help of the correct service desk provider, it can be a streamlined choice that brings greater value and efficiency to your organization overall, all while providing an amazing IT support experience for any end user.

While these three basic facts are a fantastic way to spark a conversation, you might want to dig deeper into how an outsourced service desk can benefit your bottom line. We’ve got you covered: Read our white paper on the most common myths about outsourcing a service desk. If you’re ready to make the move, connect with our team today to learn more about how Mechdyne is ready to be your newest trusted service desk partner.

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